Friday, January 29, 2016

A Tribute to Human Error...

As I'm flying over on back to Miami I'm feeling the urge to write. 
"A tribute to human error" 
Was something I heard that jumped out at me the other day. 
We are human and full of flaws, the errors are not bad because we use them to grow and learn from, it's how we pick ourselves back up that matters most. We all have issues but we can't be weak to let things leave a mark on us permanently. The only way to go is forward and that means making amends, communicating clearly with others so that we express the humps and that's what makes relationships stronger. If you think just moving on will be better, I think your mistaken. It's about communication. Not everyone expresses themselves freely like I do. Most people have a hard time doing this and it's their flaw that must be worked on. Because giving up is only for losers. I like to analyze and go deep into matters and human choices. We are all affecting one another and in the end it's the cause for wars and rage and anger and things that never get resolved is pathetic. I rather come to a conclusion. I want to hear what the other side is! We must speak to one another and LISTEN. Then with a clear understanding we must always reach an agreement and taking the time to do so makes a stronger bond and unity, it shows strength of character and a desire to overcome obstacles. I don't like leavin things unfinished. I don't agree with everybody's desicions but that's ok bc to agree to disagree is a sign of knowledge and respect for differences, another way to grow and understand. I'm willing to do that. It's those that can't that I worry about. It's a sign of weakness to depart without trying to come to a proper ending or conclusion and it's immature. I like pushing towards something better, to become greater takes work and to reach a higher self lies there with aknowledgemeant and understanding is where we find PEACE. Not in the letting go of something unfinished, that's ego and wrong bc u think your "better than going there" it's an effort to find resolutions and let the truth come to light and it's one of the things that will cure the problems of today. Take the time and talk to one other... Expressing your feelings will FREE YOU.