Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Truth be Told...

Time to talk about something that makes more sense... I always want to go off on a limb... the last one was bc I thought I needed to let some dark secret out or something, it didn't need to be said but lm trying to completely clear the air in order to move into the future with all the dark stuff out out. Im really trying here.

This is

This is day X for me of self isolation. Day 6 for me taking it really seriously. Its hard because even if you are self isolating, you may be surrounded by people who aren't. Thus complicating your self isolation goals.

So this is where Im at. Im taking a "working vacation". Since my orders are on hold, I've been optimizing my spaces. Doing spring cleaning. And I see others doing the same. I saw people today cleaning their screens.

The recycling didn't come, I guess that wasn't deemed an "essential service".  But for some reason, all the construction sites were still up.

Goodwill was closed, but a homeless artist was there making portraits, I gave him $2.00 to "watch my stuff".

People are running around in masks and gloves.

People are calling their loved ones more. We are FaceTiming, Skyping, and whatsapping. We are telling our primos and friends we love them.

The news is scaring the shit out of us and they are often spreading mistruths or incomplete information. Remember when they said Corona virus doesn't do well in warm environments? Florida to date has about 1400 cases and within the next week, we are supposed to exponentially get more cases.

Long story short, its time to shelter in place. Take this seriously. Ride this out with your healthy person of your choosing, hold them closely, and take advantage of this down time. I know the earth is. This is a great resetting. The earth is taking back its claim. From this, we will write a new future, and we will have earth days where there will be no cars, boats, or airplanes. There are silver linings everywhere, I hope you find yours.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Whatever gets stolen, where does it go? My drone will be there in 5 to get it.

all chipped? lol by 2030 you better be. lol I found my laptop of course. BC everything good and only good is going to happen. I did stay pretty cool but its funny how I almost did feel like it was stolen and thought that ppl came to my house while I wasn't here bc I did leave my house open. So, maybe I should leave my house open? But I like to leave things open... thats more me, its what my Cuban grandma used to do too... aI don't have any Picassos in here or anything. Everything of real value is no longer really in my possession bc its been jacked already! Look how mucky I am! LOL I used to buy Gucci and Louis and Dior and Chanel etc etc but it hurts when its taken and thats what gets taken! So thats one reason why not to have it for me. I literally wove a piece of chain fabric from sequin strips of material and it seems to be gone, hopefully I find it but it was the biggest piece! A Chinchilla fur vest I got in Vegas is bye bye and so is this collage book I made... its all there to use and end up letting go of in a sense, isn't it? So yea use, I am the kind of girl that wears her heels, rocks them and then they are worn, other girls wear their shit less somehow. I wouldn't change it but what I would change is that sometimes we buy these things and they get ruined and thats it. sometimes its not fair. it was washed wrong or a moth ate a hole or the wine stained or something. I can't bare the thought of it but it happens and nothing can be done and nobody cares and its a waste of time to care, its tough luck u gotta buy another one and sometimes we do. but the price sometimes is pretty ridiculous for stuff, isn't it? once used drops to maybe half its value (not w everything) but what Im saying is how so much of stuff gets ruined. The dry cleaners don't even know what they are doing. they ironed pleated pants like wtf r u doing? R u like somehow uneducated and trying to care for designer items like pls stop. we can't even know their name. we take the shit home and then find the mistake later and we should not have paid. I have to admit something... It can't be that important but maybe it somehow is, it was second grade and it was one of those pencils w every color in the same led point... I had to have it and I took it... it was not right and I shouldn't have done that, I got called to the office about it. so yes, I got caught. Im glad I got caught bc its a more devastating story that way.  Eventually I had my Hello Kitty box of school supplies stolen from me n that was a big deal for me. but nothing quite like the art work on a wall in a gallery in Paris... I went to see my art and gone from the wall it was. I can only take it as a compliment, but only bc I can only do that, that I will. LOL. Too good to be true are some of the things that happen, even for terrible things lol and its all a part of the story! Each w different details to the story which makes our unique lives. Me, the chinchilla Hello Kitty, rainbow colored pencil situation is pretty freakin cute, I might have to say. But my laptop no way never especially in 2020. Nothing should be stolen or able to be anymore in this day and age. technology has shown us that we can track valuable items therefore we should. even the dog collar could and should show us where our dog is like our cell phones do. your kids watch and backpack, like the package in the mail. those birds who in cartoon deliver babies are like drones... w your package... before programmed to fly to you they might be in a chairlift hooky military (like birds do lol) can drones swim yet? unnecessary since it wouldn't be a shortcut but def water proof packaging. what if ppl had nets and tried to catch them to take? maybe kids playing games but idk... r we paying this insurance? so penalty for this. I think drones should do something else with their time instead like be the servers of your cocktail at the beach first... then we'll see. a floating spritzer and fan, so maybe they go fetch for us... they would become a communication tool for customers, they sit inside the umbrella and when told to do something, they go do it. Then we would be blaming robots for their malfunctions and a new job of testing these things would happen by someone every morning. I picture it, the diff weights of things affecting it and the clumsiness of the robot and the option for a human instead even lololol Its not a GoGoGadget world yet but maybe if one day a year we can allow it. helicopter head to fly, we r oh so close! Like an umbrella chair, the handle is the seat, the umbrella helicopter above, we go, we won't be allowed to go very fast, thats fine til we r ready to go faster and know the guy to rig it.
Ok, enough. Goodnight. and if we can do all that we might as well make a lil ballerina security guard in our jewelry box, one who will tattle tell about who was there and shit.

Whats Vana White in 2020 wearing?

Ive been needing to come here and share... my idea now is to turn the big wheel of fortune on this thing and like a YIN YANG... just go the other direction. its like the wheel of a ship for some reason and its hard to turn it bc all the pressure to go a certain way has been built up to keep that momentum but now you have to steer it to the light.... its a way I see I can keep on instead of running away and starting a new blog... the way we usually re-invent ourselves... we start over.

So much cool stuff to make! so much amazing things to discover, wonderful ppl to yet meet, experiences to learn from, so much light and the fight to keep our light cuz if the steering is going towards the light it cant also drive towards the dark! So Ive discovered a way that might work! Maybe you knew already>? but I had to learn it for myself and so here I am, pretty proud to finally be here. its like as if the Truman Show of ppl around me had to keep quiet about the secret bc ... bc maybe I asked them to before I got to living the challenge I dont fucking know! Im not like them LOL but what If I turn into THEM and not say anything when naturally I feel like I should! Its So Hard! LOL My channel is too open. this is the gift and it comes with a punishment... we can think of more examples for traits that are GOOD but in extreme forms can be bad. like being too honest is TOO honest so ok say the truth but ,,, u get it. same with too generous, or very disciplined, a well mannered person can be too mannered that it can be annoying even LOL. I just know it can be bc I know it all exists and its all like this! Lets think of what cant be like this... ok, a good painter cant be too much of a good painter. so its about action. Can an organized person be too organized>? YES! prob bc, I imagine that they would suffer wo order around. like imagine taking them to Burning Man in your RV they would need to be in their own tent and fine suffer, suffering is growth, suffereing from what u cant have or achieve is like nature u gota deal with things not always going your way. so too this, too that, too talented for instance... she better be successful! What the fuck r u gona do all talented and not be able to apply it to be successful>? thats talent in a box waiting to POP and thats a shame. Like money laundring backwards,,, you can make a bunch but you cant bc whatever u cant... its a stupid reason probably... its just not what shes good at. SO where r the other mother fuckers at? the ones who fit into the puzzle? They are shy, they are unaware of their own potential to help and offer themselves... they are lacking imagination and need to be like set up and escorted to this job and told what exactly they need to do and how much money they will make and they wanaanknow how many hrs of their time this is gona take and shit.... this is the team we gota be TEAM with. UNLIT with the LIGHT cuz they are in 2019 still.

Im not worried anymore. The trash has the potential to be an artists GOLD. After school activities should be held at the thrift stores in some back room and outside for artsy kids to play with the stuff nobody wants to buy. Thats the mission, the project and the play where to play and no new materials should be used until like college or after college or outside of stuff but not even really. Backsides of paper from businesses should be re used by students who can read the weird shit it says,,, the terminology in a law office, see it.

My laptop went missing for a sec, it should pop back but idk.

I even went to a tarot lady recently. It was like she landed on my lap, like a fairy would. She didnt tell me anything I didnt already know but confirmed a lot. the main thing was FORGIVENESS which is what happened with me and why Im ok now. I just felt and could let go, it was forgiveness. u cant force it even tho u wana do it its not gona just happen,,, its timing and its 2020 so it happened and its just time to grow up and out and like look somewhere else I guess? They say not to look at the past so much but thats all u know and the future is full of anxiety if u dont know where you are or where your going so then ur told to focus on the past and you know your brain isnt gona just stay there... u have stories and all the stories are the past! u love the stories! One major help was to "Change your story" I didnt feel like I needed to but you can change how u look at it... so the whole victim thing was like I won some award bc I wasnt the one who did anything wrong... bla bla bla but over time... u think i didnt do anything wrong? well, I cared less about the nice person I was and became a lil drunk and tainted and then like whatever the recipe for anger and sad can do to this person is that,,, in certain instances she just decides to be audacious and try something she has never done before... Oh and a bunch of revenge! So its like "why not" all of a sudden when Dude, your not that! your a good lil Catholic girl who deserves love and good friends and structure and exercise and love and more love... and your thrown around, land in the gutter, think everyone is your friend even the bumbs and your loving it! your crouching down with them in their tents interviewing them to learn why this happened to them. Then u realize that u will never understand, these ppl dont even make any sense and u cant truly ever understand bc mixed with the lies they are spewing and shit... BUT I thought to myself and realized how It is hard for everything and everyone and how maybe not all of them deserve my time and heart or even money... it wasnt even my money... it was the money I got as part of my budget to live and I was willing to give some of it to ppl who I felt needed it more. I didnt have much tho... but in my case, I knew that more would come the following week, thats nice to know. Not even a job would make me feel that way bc its like you dont know when your not going to be there anymore ... shits cut throat. Projects are temporary and anything consistant is such a gem. The trash is picked up on certain days, its one of those consistant things. Taxes on a certain time of year, I dont like that, I just have to learn more about it I guess. A lot of ppl have structured lives, I guess I have trouble wanting that bc I get tired of the monotony. I like working independantly but also with others.

I will come back to say more but Im tired now.

Monday, January 20, 2020

I am ME. TAMBONATION WORLD. move through it Goddess!

I drew this card and it could not have come at a better time for me. I have been feeling this sense of remorse for all the nonsense that I have written here that isn't to help make the world a better place. It was just self expression and something for me to analyze. I haven't been going to a psychologist or on any medication and I have allowed myself to heal, I have passed through the healing,,, still haling but I am very proud of where I am now. I can't even tell you,,,, I am happier than I have ever been. I have e deep sense of peace, understanding and even love for myself that I never had before. Its like I stopped swimming against the current and Im just in more of the flow of life. I don't care who has left me, it was all part of the process and I now consider myself a HEALER. I have reached a place of knowing and of higher vibration that has filled me with love and acceptance.

I drew this card and if you read it, it might help you too. As you can tell I am very spiritual and like to take in and interpret the signs of my angels and any guidance I get. I always sign up to classes and go alone and read things that fill me with spiritual guidance and I have been through the dark and now I can see clearly and the people who are in my life now (mostly) are the true ones that need to be here. Some of the not so good ones have been of help to get me here so I am grateful for them too.

Its like a heavy weight has been lifted.

I am Happier than ever before, more sober than ever before and the self medicating I do is under control and this is what I know. I am not 100% sober yet but I am not drinking like I used to and I am more in control of my choices. I am the Goddess I am trying to be,,, all in the making and I aim high for myself. Its peace and love baby,,, its going to exude out of me and heal others that I come into contact with. I am who I want to be in this theatrical stage we call LIFE.

I am so happy that the angels heard my prayers and felt my feelings and gave me the answer. I am finally past those shitty people that only put weights on my ankles and had me ferociously swimming up for air, for my life. The illusions. The sadness. it's gone.

Im weightless and free and at peace in my own beautiful soul universe. I am rich with love. I am clean. I am happy. I am TAMARA. I am TAMMY.  I am TAMBONITA. I am TAMBONATION. I am ME.