Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breathing is so necessary

So complimentary to the senses

It relishes the times when we can

And fans at the moments that complicate our presence

Simple as burning sage in the night

Has the breath I am missing eluded you tonight?

Deceiving the evening to pass me as a bystander

It floats away into a new realm

Decidedly so, it has become the morning and new hope is born

To become your idea, an antonym of scorn

The model of joy in a helpless plan

Which is the world we live in. 


 by: Albert Gomez

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why do whistles have that sound?

What other sound 
would you choose
for a whistle 
to make?

What better sound 
than the sound
for wind,
or water?

Is the sewing machine like that, 
because it's the result like 2+2=4?
Cars could be some other way,
can't they?

Why do whistles have that sound?

What if we could control/ decide that for just one minute?
Why can we believe/ agree on what we hear?
Why do I care?

What makes a thought, 
and does it take up space?
Does it make me, me
and you, who you are?
Why do I care?

The way a thought leads to another...
can we draw a map and show what we've missed?
Like pausing time but it just doesn't cuz it keeps on going...
except we are choosing to spend more time on one area.
Is that a waste of time?
So then, 
why do I care?

Do we ever stop thinking? 
Not that I want to, 
but I just hope that what I think is the best thought to think.
Is there a better thought?
Do I want to be thinking it?
Who decides that?
Who, but I cares?

If there is someone, how would you find them?
Would they have to go back to get here?
Or are they right here already?
Is that possible?
Why do I care?

If that could be like a combination type lottery
which resulted in the same answer for some reason...
who says they should be the one to get there, wherever?

It's like communism in the air to lead a certain person somewhere
and is that even chosen somehow?
If it is, I rather know that someone.
If not, I don't because it would show me something to compare myself to...
and why should I care?

I probably got myself to this thought 
but is this the thought to be thinking?
Is it the one to care?

If I'd be shown the answer,
it would vanish with the others
and would I remember what I asked?
Would I then care?

Is there a care control?
Can we measure it?
Why do I think something and it's like I never thought that when its later,
or things change, changing the answer to my same question.
When does it change?
What exactly changes?
Why should it be different for each of us?
Why can't we all learn together? 
Or reproduce with a past of answers already written?
Why do I care?

Who would care to know this when it's nothing but questions
perhaps with no answers.
So why question questions when they aren't even something I care about?

Is caring sharing? 
Or sometimes simply selfish?
Since, I don't care if you care, but do you?

I don't care.

by: Tamara Diaz

Wednesday, September 2, 2009