Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another one..

So silly willy shitty shitty sometimes 
I'm like waving the white flag just now... 
And to think that today was fine and this week was really good and how  much it's like in a few mins that everything can REALLY just go to shit! Lmao! I'm trying to better myself and the world and be real and make everything better honestly::: and then something.. I can't explain it!!!! What issss ittttt???!!!

What is it that destroys us?

What is it that we WANA drop it all?????

What is it that takes us over the edge?

What is our weakness?

Are they all different?

What makes them different?

Why is this happen n

But I like u....

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Letter Tea...

Ok so the list of things for plate... Kind of buffet style but you design your own plate... So an assortment of healthy delicious things that are already prepared.. Simple/Fast.

-Half an avocado in its shell, mashed and tossed w tiny bit rock salt
-tomatoe salad
-seasonal veggie stirfry
-a tofu protein
-raw veggies
-special sauces 
-w cheese
- anything w cheese
-seasonal fruit

Grain Base- yellow, white, quinoa, noodle
Salad Base-spinach,mixed greens, kale
Or Protein Base-chicken, meat balls veggie crumbles, veggie burger, strips, etc.

Add all your sides or create your healthy dish.

Can be to go or sit there and enjoy.

Promoting Teas& Kombucha etc not known for our coffee but we also have coffee, 3 or 4 fresh juices or carrot, apple, lemon, and simple things included in the menu...kale.

Pinchos like 
Tortilla de Patata
And one more quiche type thing.

And a soup of the day (juice of the day) where barely any food gets wasted.

~The bliss is in the teas~

Best tea world for hot and iced teas of many kinds also organized into an encyclopedia of what is wrong with you health wise... Look for your problem and find a natural remedy to heal it that we carry.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Worn out and overwhelmed so I took my family camping... Is anything sacred left? safe? 
Their are nearly
100 new GMO fruits and vegetables to be released -& the pipeline- . Gmo Eucalyptus trees are already being grown. There are glow in the dark rabbits & cats. Spermicidal corn. goats that produce lactate spider silk protein web. Salmon that grow 4 times faster. And thousands of other science experiments altering the world around us, mostly for profit, even human genes patented by companies over 1000 human genes... OMG GMO

Salmon in the Ocean and Farmed are both not good for you BC the ocean is full of radiation from Japan and the oil spill of the gulf. Farmed fish are eating GMO food

Russia stops importing GMO corn once they discover the CANCER RISK
Peru's congress approves a GMO Ban
POLAND bands GMO corn & potatoes
"We WANA know what we are eating!"
It's almost like the drug industry... We don't know what's in drugs... Now we don't know what's in food either. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Experimenting with Now...

Beep beep... Whistle sizzle snap fizz...

More use of the now, really diving in...

I love myself a good Tibetan bowl sound right now... Lol...

Kisses on the cheeks and even forehead will cure all that... Your diagnosed as a spoiled bratt! Oh dear lol... 
Let's PLS not go there BC it's not true I'm on the verge of a brake down but I brake out in laughter or even tears but for completely an invisible feeling U have to feel it more than see it...(edit) Gona dream of canoeing or kayak gliding on flat rivers under the stars and the mood behind the leaves of the trees yet moving and all with the wind, with the current... That easy feeling... Even if just for one mili sec. It's moving on its own right now without me even having to actually row...

Pretty Beautiful...

It's like I can feel how together we all really are to one another in how we live, how in the deadness of dark I can hear the tiniest pin drop, a mans distant cough another ones laugh, the squeak of a door, a bell, I really just heard all that. So quiet it gets and to know we are all now asleep or those who just can't lol. I actually feel like I can soo sleep lol... Nothing interesting going on over here right now you guys... You might wana change the chanel LOL. Love Love Love Love Love you guys!!!!!!! Don't cuz I can't!  And I just heard laughs LOL I laugh at myself all day long and the rest of it I try to be in the moment :) Love peace and happiness we just had the holidays and its a NEW YEAR it's really what ever we want to make of it! It's all of us and that's pretty beautiful <3