Thursday, December 12, 2013

Light a candle in my name...

Im not a fashion blogger obviously, not on this platform anyway, I think Im just too interesting for that. Fashion and art to me are my passion but thats not all I am. I wanted to share that I went to a Psychic while I was in Miami and I was really happy this time with what I heard :) She read my Tarot cards and had some insight on the side about how next year would be a better year for me! I know we have all been waiting for this blog to turn more positive LOL. I am super positive lol I just analyze and share the difficult moments for they atre where I find interest in learning and happy times are happy so why would it be a problem? I dont have time to write about all the happy things that happen... I have way too many ;) So, the lady told me things that she knew like that I had gone to have some issue be resolved and that I never followed through with the procedure. She was totally right! I had gone to a woman when I was completely distraught and asked her to cure me and she gave me some steps to take and do where I would get some water from the ocean and some seaweed and some rose petals and blah blah blah take a bath and then bring her back the seaweed but it sad in my car door for days in a paper bag dry and then I said forget it, I just felt weird doing all this. I paid a lot of money too! So this time its been like over 5 years now and this woman had all good news but she said I have a gray shadow over me and to pay her of course $250 to remove it. Why of course! Well, of course they want $ first of all and second of course I have some gray fucking shadow over me but I am doing now better than ever! Maybe I am used to the grayness LOL. gave me her card, i never went back. Then TODAY I literally get stopped by a lady who says she can feel such a strong energy from me, she was in a silver mercedes w a man and she literally asked if she could talk to me and asked if I had ever been to a Psychic which now looking back I wish I asked her what she felt from my energy FIRST instead of tell her that the other lady saw a grayness! Bc that was like biting the hook for yes your grayness... bla bla bla lol I honestly laugh at these things but I kinda like them lol... I like spiritual stuff and all that bla bla bla w crystals and bla bla bla... im bla bla bla, we are all living in the bla bla bla LOL. so anyway, the lady pulls out huge crystals from her trunk that I noticed werent very CLEAR and clean so I got a bad first feeling about her... dont show me ur dirty crystals woman! She also showed me a Chakra candel with all the colors it was really big but she said for me it would be a bigger one and not one but three! past, future and present, OK. What I first noticed is that when she first looked at me putting a grocery cart back in its place she was looking at my shoes and they look like designer but they are actually from Target! Im aslo wearing a pretty blinged out crystal necklace! CHA-CHINGG $$$$ dollar sign eyes another words! lmao. the guy in the front seat was fat, very fat, she had terrible skin, and I really think this one might be fulla shit and she said her price to remove this would be $375 and I told her that the lady in Miami said $250 and that she COULD do it by phone! Now I wana get this done by a professional and none of these ladies. The lady then also said that if I dont do it in the next 3 days that my Chakra will CLOSE!!!! ummm why didnt anybody come to me in the past 10 years??? This is not the right timing and I thought I was doing great lol??? I do know I have a gray thing on me,,, my heart in my chest feels tight and squeezed at times... she said Im not loving like I can and that I dont even know what it is to be happy yet, um Im not. but Im not sad anymore so I felt like I could carry on... turns out she told me this is coming from a MAN... my eyes got big. The other lady said I have somebody near me who is very jelous and a woman... obviously these ppl could all be a bunch of balony phonies and probably are but now I want to go to somebody GOOD and have this process done for real... so tomorrow is my last day of finals... I need to be focusing on that but just wanted to get this BS off my chest ;) >GRAY GET OFF ME.< light a candle for me. love, Tammy