Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Together Forever

I feel like people aren't taking good enough care of their own, their own space, their own bodies, their own plants, their own things... We have to take better care of our own selves and surroundings, our home as our sacred space. I'm not saying I am perfect nor pointing fingers I'm just becoming aware from observing that I'm drawn to places that are well kept, bodies that are healthy, children that are happy, and all just well cared for. So each, we can do our part and together it will be a better place for us all. With Love, TAMBO

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Peace on Earth!

If only I could really feel the stars and tell u about the energy I mean I really think I do... I really think I feel it! I feel something. Do u feel something? I feel something. 

Wait SiriOusly....

I feel like theirs this new world I'm going to cross over into and that I don't care if I end up losing things that this world finds value in today cuz tomorrow it will be of no value to us... What we will always need is each other and so talking shit about one another is wrong and conniving! It's not Uplifting! We all need to be lifted, even me, HELLO, I'm not perfect and u know it cuz I show u cuz nobody else what's to ... Well we all end up showing life with our RESULTS.. I'm always trying to find myself and express myself in times of difficulty, darkness, I make mistakes and yet I don't, I think we learn from our experiences. I'm a curious & interesting girl, the other doesn't always realize that til a lil later. I'm just saying cuz I'm bored. I'm also so bored that I could do stupid things or go to sleep. Sleeping is my fav thing. I think talking at all makes people look. I'm like in a dream but I love u but your not even there. 

I know me too.