Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweeping Floors...

Hanging Hula Hoop

This thing worked miracles on my back when I used it... I didn't know what I was doing but at one point in the beginning I was wearing my orange/red coat the color of one of those parrots and I started making that sound bc I seriously felt like a parrot perched on that thing. I wish I had one! I was able to hang and arch and  bend in unusual ways that felt pretty incredible to my joints and muscles. This isn't the best pic of the night on this but I like that nobody else's face came out in it. Spending today in bed, last day off in a while and I'm feeling like I deserve it since I always do things even when I'm not lol. Last night I cooked up a storm for guests and took them out w me and we got home early at 11pm it was great to be able to go home and bust up a midnight snack and watch some TV before going to sleep again. I felt invincible lol. I wish wishes came true more easily but everything takes it's time and energy so focus. Retrograde started again but I won't let it stop me from pushing for my pace. Here in this picture I was able to let go and trust my body to be balanced, the next thing I did was kick up my legs to wrap them above the top thing so I could hang like monkey bars and it slowly turns around in circles for everyone to see, your abs need to get u there... U have to push and even pull with your arms, then let go so your arms are on the bottom bar and u can use that to twist it around u, so that the bar in your hands is in front of u and behind u by what side of your head. You have to move and feel it out. Just like life, u can't stay in one place too long, life is movement, growth, persistence, always moving fwd. From here u can just go to he next place, the following step that feels right. And etc, etc.

Friday, October 18, 2013

we hold eachother up...

My computer is going crazy... I should pretend this is my last post! I should tell u and those who care that nothing is but what u make of it... that your as grateful of a time as you dive to become the moment in tha time... that all u have is time, that time is nothing, hat u are special and appreciated. My computer is not being something one wouldnt notice, threfore its making its mark, on my lap, very much so, through temperature and sound and feel and weight and even smell and the sound is huge! not like the silent blogger type... its a different comotion going on here,, have u heard?>?? didnt think so... ur tropoo consumed in ur self ur things arent even treherr... I bite a sour apple CRUNCHHHHhhhm

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wait A Moment.

My last post got deleted so I went on strike w the truckers... I haven't shopped since gas and I'm on empty but I'm not going anywhere, yet. I'm still in shock about last night. I went to a party finally (I never do) and I swept up the floors after as a favor... But bc I just had to in my BM nature kinda way. I am like that but I did it to a bunch of assholes who needed it in a way... I heard I'm sexually frustrated from some of those dickhead guys and that's exactly what makes my pussy tighter... The power to be like look and u all and how many dumb sluts u get, u ain't getting this that easily... I just think it's literally revolting to think about. It's so sad. It's funny. It's gay. It's whack. It's cheese. It's still not cool w me. I am like a punching bag for fools sometimes bc -everything comes back to u I guess- I also get so much laughter and freedom and creative routes surround me... I am just silly and shy I guess 
For this strange moment.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another day in paradise

Hi im back. im wearing a blue, royal blue, cashmere sweater, a lot of love in my heart and chest andface and everywhere and hair and love and everything and every and i will now keep moving on... i miss u] fuck i always say that!!!! I just type! i dont mean it towards anyone specific i just miss ppl i swear top God i swear i miss ppl that i dont even hve A face in mind! I have been like awayyyy from everyone! always tho... no guilt trip here AT ALL... i chose this... i am super happy! Guys I swear I am happy... I hate that u r all so confused about me lol. life goes on. like life needs a plug in w all this amazing shit and everyone needs to realize... im here and MOVE OUT THE WAY lol jk... im just over these ppl/... im gay now. now we r all gay and happy :) :) :) :) yay we r really are. I am such a bitch who needs to be fired... how am i still alive? No idea... i dont mean it... like why dont i have things to say? well i could, i do, i just do this,,, maybe to show u how stupid it looks like, maybe, maybe shit, darn. I ask the same questions.................. JUST LIKE THE ONE..... ACTUALLY SINGING>>>> AND THE DAYS GO BYYYY>>>> AGAIN ......NOTHING ELSE MATTERS>>>> NO MOREEEE>>> BABEAAAAYYYYY>>> SEEM BROKEN HEARTED>>>> seventeen... just like the... OOOOhhh baby babaaayyy oooh babaayyyy oooo go again TOMORROW yea yea hauntingly familiar fire melody nothing else matters actually singin

hello, i love u...

birds r in the sky... you know how i feel... ITS A NEW ... YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL>>>>>> Its a new dawn, a new day, a new life,,,...... I hope your feeling GOOD :) dragonflies, butterflies.... thats what i mean... this whole world .... FOOOORRRRR MEEEEEEEEEEEEE Think about it a bit.... its all yours.... do what you please PLEASE. Stars...u know how i feel all them things,.... u know,, i know, how i feel... a new day a new life a new dawn a new life for meeee and im feeling GOOD. feel it. feel feel good like a cat kinda I am supposed to be talking about things that truly matter, right? I know that. What r u talking about? with friends i mean? r u guys cool over there? lol i doubt it. i worry about u guys, u know... i mean if ur on point then i worry about how im not collaborating w u guys... you guys need to open up to color to stop being so constricted like a boa strangling your neck how bout that? u like that? u get that u might deserve it. who knows. im not imposing im not confused ive been ive grown we all move on your gay you know right? im talking to u and your gayness im not being mean... if u think i am its the problem that u will carry on whatever blog u choose to read. u need to let that go let the attack be and feel it like less of an attack... more of a love punch decide then how u want to interpret it now im gay... for getting u this thus far raf suht siht... almost almost so much energy and love is there ha love is stronger ha love is idk i dont think anything STOP im not on anybodies side im just perceptive im just thinking u guys r all REAL FAGS ;) Im such a bitch... thats why this isnt a REAL blog... bc i find that i rather talk to myself publicly than be like the way that is now depicted as suddenly making sense, ppl verbal dhiarrhea on fashion, ppl w who knows what story, ppl that r SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR ... (social acceptance?) when i read that I think of ME of course... like social acceptance also lies in the rebellion of certain things... i never copied anybody tho. i seriously suffer... from being a WACKO BARBIE DOLL... but thats just a silly way of putting it. I dont have all the answers but I rather express what i know than hear some asshole talk about shit im OVER hearing... ppl have a right do what u want im an asshole retard all the time but im just trying to figure out... figure out how much i love u. i figured that i have so much love to give and so much inevitable anger but not the angry kind... just a communicative I dont like myself as much as u might think. i make fun of myself i am a tool for fun times for absurd routes into the unknown... im ok im alive im just not gona do THAT that way bc now its ompossible anyway... but im too beautiful to stop. i need to SHUT UP NOW. this is the kind of shit ppl dont understand. im sorry. i am sorry.... i am sorry... Rhianna can suffer never having been sorry for shit... this girl will get it... IN THE ASS... then be sorry. sorry sorry omg fuck that bitch how retarded is that lesson... ok like dont be sorry for anything... its a part of the past... um no. sorry isnt a big deal... sorry is forgiving yourself... you must. I dont think im a genius. i am just a part of this generation. i believe u too, ur side if u feel stronger about it pls share it w me... im not smarter than u r. i think about u. i wonder i dont say shit and feel like im stepping on egg shells... thats something i just dont do BUT i am aware and always expecting a reaction i am listening. hello i love u.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oceans / Gulf

BP ignored and covered up w this Gulf incident? Yup... Look it up. #science #Guf #oil #cleanup #governmentcoverup #Conscious #2012 #2013 #2014 "self replicating organisms" #oceanfloor #disaster

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Balance the Power

Feel like I should say a little something about forgiveness... I think it's healthy to make it short and sweet if u can cuz things can be hurtful or take up years to move on from. It's not worth the resentment and the grudge to even have an urge to wish something bad upon them when what is that? It's the lowest level of consciousness right there to not put each other on pedastools. Gnight