Monday, March 27, 2017

Dibble Dabble

The tug of war to try again.
The strong belief that you can win
But the letting go to play we give and take
Like a buried treasure with no name from who
Like a plane that flies and never needs to land
Like 10,000 spoons but all u need is a knife
Like 4am and feeling bug eyed.
Like zip lining in your imagination
Like somebody snoring with no particular pattern.
Like quick sand that doesn't sink, instead boots u up!
Like something programmed to be hot yet cold
Like a Mary Poppins purse of thoughts 
Like clouds when grey it rains
Like learning a new language, lost in translation and new generation
Like slow motion butterfly
The typical thing and then what isn't 
The winds direction suddenly changing.
Life while wearing headphones 
& Soup in your belly.