Monday, September 24, 2012

An Antique Frame...

Bad Ass Stalkings

look like boots but take a closer look! Killer! $225

Nuts & Olives...

nuts and olives, a snack, making gifs, my new hobby, the new Instagram Its Sunday night. This week will be looney... Monday (tomorrow) filled with fittings, try to go to gym first, then a showroom, then pick up something at the dry-cleaner, pick up Paul and make vegan mac n cheese - Yes that's the plan. Tuesday I have to pull clothes, visit client to finalize the Jeans selected and make group shots styled for the locations. Tues night I will go to a 'rock' party... meaning look at beautiful precious stones and drink wine with some new friends who have a booth in a flea market where they specialize and sell stones... very excited. Wednesday no interruptions... SHOOT on Hollywood blvd... that night Im thinking to see Mr. Little Jeans play at Sohohouse in West Hollywood. Thursday I will celebrate and veg out before my fast Fri. Fri I am starting my juice fast! through Sat & Sun! So chill weekend.. maybe beach/hiking. Sometime then I will have a meeting to plan the next shoot :) Just thinking out loud. PS Hopefully they fix my AC & Garbage Disposal bc they r both broken for about a week now. PSS. Must buy a canvas for Palindrome project Start the projection idea... filming etc.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dance the Town...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Excuse me for

Talking trash, should probably try the "better left unsaid". I think their might be a fine line between what I'm trying to do and what I'm not doing right. I dnt know how it got here, to this but I do know that it all keeps rolling. I can say and, and, and, and keep talking about nothing... It's just something TO DO, for me. I enjoy the freedom in thoughtless thoughts and probably bc I have so many of them in general... I just dnt think much is Kosher these days, not much is edited correctly, bunch of mockery, bunch of puppets with no script. I'm resting now, gona pick up a friend from airport in a few... I have a bunch of problems at home I wish I could fix but they sorta piled on last min. Im too good for this but not good enough, not for my standards anyway, if I'm not where I want to be u ...
I hear jazz in the distance,
Piano, a record, a crackle, a pop.
The ice melted and that had a sound as it made itself a new home, a new shape in the water.
What's the weather like?
It's cooler than here that's for sure.
I wonder if I would be too busy to see Roxy, to feel her, to try to analyze what she could possibly be thinking.
I'd hate to be that.
I guess that's why I'm where I am now,
So that I could be saying this...
Ppl say that all this already happened, really?
I make it practically impossible.
Always room for improvement say, the notes r too high pitched for me right now. I wish I had something better to say... The world needs it. I'm not perfect, far from it, farther than I could possibly be perhaps. I have a backwards approach. I feel like money is fake when I use it now, like Monopoly. I never liked that game anyway. I went to a place where it didn't exist, I thought that was closer to normal than the paper we use for pleasure. I start a lot of sentences with "I" it's like "and" to me.
I feel inner peace right now but I need to dig deeper and find the cause for this madness, I didn't know it would be so deep inside, I'm not that bad, just curious. Have a shoot on Wednesday I should be focusing on, I am! I juggle life and definitely waste tons of time on what I think is interesting which honestly is not in the end. Like the princess was on vacation in the South of France and they took pictures of them which led to scandal... Who cares when WW3 is around the corner? I do.
Or Mayor Bloomberg in NYC banned the super-sized soda... Bunch of distracting nonsense to me too but major news as well. Pretty classic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vegan Mac n Cheese...

I've finally become accustomed to Nutritional Yeast, at first I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. This immitation cheese concoction with soy sauce, so strange... I now have ways of slightly tweaking it. So mind boggling how all these things are popping off with better nutritional facts behind them like Gojie Berries and Chia Seeds and NO Im not JUST realizing it... what Im realizing are things like Chia Seeds have double the antioxidants found in blueberries for instance! or 6 times the iron than spinach and that they provide tremendous energy. Honestly I haven't been reading, its just the FB POSTS... the ones I like to share. I looked back at some of the last blabbering I did on here and was like "Did I seriously say that? Wow, what the hell was I talking about?" but then I remembered I am supposed not to care what I write on here... I use this to vent out my feelings and the times I like to write on here are usually maybe not the happiest of moments bc I am enjoying life being happy then... I just, well, here I am trying to explain myself and thats just what ppl have to understand. its a personal rant, or release or hopefully a way to improve myself and learn from mistakes lol im so deep lol. I went to an art party tonight in LA and I just dont get it, i dont get LA at all. They let me bring Roxy in and I had her in my arms the whole time, she was a good girl til she got on my shoulder and somebody said that she was like a parrot LOL (I had to write that). Paul says its a "classic moment". So back to the health food stuff... really quick... I ran into this store with all these barrels of healthy shit that u take your weight in bags and its things I cant find easily at the grocery store like Nutritional Yeast and Gji Berries and CAROB the new chocolate!!! You would die if you saw what I read on Carob... DIE. The Cocoa Powder has insect poop and "parts" and the FDA allows a small amount of insect shit and parts in the cocoa we eat! so bugs with that too for sure. (((Feed the dog))) Distracted. Feel like watching some YouTube clips of talk shows bc I dont have cable TV but I think its time to get it again. xoxox

Back in Los Angeles...

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