Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Little Red Riding Hood Holloween research...

Holloween is coming up! Id like to be ready this year unlike other years where Im at the costume store when its packed full of people and everything is GONE that i want! I have a few costumes in mind... One being a wolf disguised as The Little Red Riding Hood! The story actually goes that he dresses as the grandma because he gets to the gmas home before the girl and he eats the grandma and then puts the grandmas clothes on and gets in her bed to then eat The Little Red Riding Hood but I like the idea of being the wolf under the Red Hood! like a twist to the story and perhaps a reflection on ME. I also think it would be cool to be a wolf because the Little Red Riding Hood on its own its too plain for me. This gives my costume more thought and more chance that nobody else will be the same as me. Here is my research of THIS idea...
I will need the snout, the claws, the tail and maybe ears from the WOLF I will need the red hood of course! probably should find that FIRST! the outfit is flexible and i want blood! because the wolf ate all these ppl! I AM THE WOLF!

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