Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unsatisfied RV Owner wants Out of Situation! LOL

a dance of a bird, a keyboard worth spreading, the distance, between, my fingers, a glint of reflection, a weekend demanding attention, a baby w no defined schedule, a day and a night is this very session. how much money is really enough>? when thousands of thousands shrink pocket size delux. a limited time, a lie in my way, a cigarette flicked , oh what a day, your mother my brother your brother my mother, a penny a nickle and how bout a dozen? when ppl r rude its not unkind, a diff kind def and thats no funny mans biz, a retarded dumbass, a level of missing, its barely there tho, the government has too much of the power its not cool w us! How do u find urself worth fighting for? when all of u rather be draggin on the floor. Not realy just time is here for hustlin, u shouldnt waste a second and stop bragging. the ego of thee is as big as eeeee its going to go in w detergent. get me a ticket get me a ticket,,,, ne sw you will loose yourself i hope you really let go. letting go is power, power in a pleasure, im having my issues w trust... can i trust myself? sure i can... can I trust the Universe? not really. I want to trust. I rather be told that you need a fling every month than a disappearing act made new again. its not your fault, i love all the very many ways it can go. i wish i had an RV. lol. Money def motivates. I guess my time is limited too bungie cord! I never meant to do u harm. I gave what I had and I forgo what may b ahead. Having all these perfectly organized little manicured toes means your able to see clear even if only your most wanted child was born first and then demanded a dilusional imprisonment. I dont agree guys. I cant stand pretending im ok while others preach w power how my ppl are the worst in the world, like a devil, i just have to pour my thankyou like its a wave of laughing gas! im sick i=of liers. never dare come near. im too good for u. DID U HEAR???.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Create a way to be proud..

If speaking and saying something some moment is too permanent to turn the page on why... I think maybe it should be more often... Maybe Free Speech is all for the ideas.. So that they can be spread and in the case u die we heard what it was. 
A baby blue lasso the color of a line to write on.. Why not twist the yellow margin w it and then write. I'm only saying... A blue line can also just be dotted. And maybe even be erased..  Why does it have to be permanent on my page when it's only a guide to write straight.

Thanks to all we have created we must keep creating what's best, w our knowledge of the past and problems we are so wise to invent solutions. To stop manufacturing what doesn't work. To take the junk that's made and make from it... That's enough we don't need more.

Ideas are Gold for all of us...

I feel like it's difficult to create an idea and that the way a counselor is there in school it could be a way for a peer or helper or expert to help w UR idea and the way they should be paid is by a percentage of profit from the total or some way figured out. Making dreams a reality for ppl when UR own family may not have all the resources. Your loved ones want u to succeed and often times don't have the knowledge or time it takes... W an incentive to the "counselor" it's like an attorney fighting for u. It's just another idea, isn't it? ;)


It sounds in-fucking-credible right now. Literally uhm just heard the BIGest Orgasm Of mY Life!!!!! LOLOLOL it had to be fake and on ecstasy BC it wS a whole neighborhood entertainment thing for what felt like N hour but was maybe 30mins from peak. I'm serious... Super crazy but wow! Wonder if it's normal for her... Jk... What r we talking about? Lol seriously I forgot and I just wrote it all I know is that it was about an orgasm.. And we were like in it BC she was soundtracked as the sound. Anyway super funny either way Anyway I rather it would have gotten Trippy like just a night to think. I didn't want to be in her movie.. Sometimes u can't help that! Wish whatever I was saying right at this moment was gona make u feel ok... LOL
I better shut up lol but Hey! I'm in a fuzzy pink sweater... I feel like I'm on a dock by the water, I'm right next to a mountain I can climb. I am trying my best, I'm staying very busy, & I should read good books! Let's learn to always be kind w each other ;) I'm just talking to myself guys here btw ;$ lol zzzz... Xxx...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lets Communicate...

You have earphones to hear better but also to block you from hearing what you dont... what you dont want to hear BUT also what u dont GET to hear... like the random sounds I enjoy while walking down a city street, they are filled w sounds you cant, whats the word, they surprise, and along w it all, a mashup up realistic mistakes... they create the OHM... the unpredictable OHM we live in! Why dont we think of it as OHM more often? like the OHM we agree on in Yoga class... its just a comfortable way to agree on EVERYTHING... why must we be comfortable? Well, Hell! its gone be easier on uuuu... to find an understanding. I dont aim to be understood completely... bc its not about ME. its about US :) its about WHY, its about all the millions of things we have! We have SOOOOOO many amazing things to open our eyes to each day and things to do and bla bla bla that we WANTED!!!!! We initially wanted all this crap :) We still want MORE??? Really we do. Yes. LOL. we never stop wanting bc we never stop CREATING! and creating happens through a collaborative "want" and its not a bad thing... its supposed to solve problems instead of create disasters... BUT the greedy evil eye took over the 3rd! The puzzle is upside down and the Rubix cube isnt close to being solved, its actually multi dimensional and the size of the planet :) the people are the the little squares and the like and like need to get together and the opposing opposites need to sit across the table from one another to have a LONg conversation. Not like and like across,,, but opposing ppl SOOOO whoever is in charge of the seating chart SUX. Your Fired. Whata dickhead.