Sunday, August 10, 2014


It sounds in-fucking-credible right now. Literally uhm just heard the BIGest Orgasm Of mY Life!!!!! LOLOLOL it had to be fake and on ecstasy BC it wS a whole neighborhood entertainment thing for what felt like N hour but was maybe 30mins from peak. I'm serious... Super crazy but wow! Wonder if it's normal for her... Jk... What r we talking about? Lol seriously I forgot and I just wrote it all I know is that it was about an orgasm.. And we were like in it BC she was soundtracked as the sound. Anyway super funny either way Anyway I rather it would have gotten Trippy like just a night to think. I didn't want to be in her movie.. Sometimes u can't help that! Wish whatever I was saying right at this moment was gona make u feel ok... LOL
I better shut up lol but Hey! I'm in a fuzzy pink sweater... I feel like I'm on a dock by the water, I'm right next to a mountain I can climb. I am trying my best, I'm staying very busy, & I should read good books! Let's learn to always be kind w each other ;) I'm just talking to myself guys here btw ;$ lol zzzz... Xxx...

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