Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lets Communicate...

You have earphones to hear better but also to block you from hearing what you dont... what you dont want to hear BUT also what u dont GET to hear... like the random sounds I enjoy while walking down a city street, they are filled w sounds you cant, whats the word, they surprise, and along w it all, a mashup up realistic mistakes... they create the OHM... the unpredictable OHM we live in! Why dont we think of it as OHM more often? like the OHM we agree on in Yoga class... its just a comfortable way to agree on EVERYTHING... why must we be comfortable? Well, Hell! its gone be easier on uuuu... to find an understanding. I dont aim to be understood completely... bc its not about ME. its about US :) its about WHY, its about all the millions of things we have! We have SOOOOOO many amazing things to open our eyes to each day and things to do and bla bla bla that we WANTED!!!!! We initially wanted all this crap :) We still want MORE??? Really we do. Yes. LOL. we never stop wanting bc we never stop CREATING! and creating happens through a collaborative "want" and its not a bad thing... its supposed to solve problems instead of create disasters... BUT the greedy evil eye took over the 3rd! The puzzle is upside down and the Rubix cube isnt close to being solved, its actually multi dimensional and the size of the planet :) the people are the the little squares and the like and like need to get together and the opposing opposites need to sit across the table from one another to have a LONg conversation. Not like and like across,,, but opposing ppl SOOOO whoever is in charge of the seating chart SUX. Your Fired. Whata dickhead.

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