Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty thoughts

Having my regular anxiety attack disguised 
I've blown up and I Wana shrink or even explode into tiny pieces that morph into a confetti piece w nothing to say. Not to try to keep any thing in cuz I want it out I can't even find it! I'm supposed to be different but what it is is what it is and besides "thank u" it's about a deep need to apologize for myself and it suddenly overwhelms me to feel how not cool that is and how trained our mentality could be. I have dreams that take constant work to make happen, a never ending creation that lives off love as fuel. 
The pain and sadness needs to go away entirely off this planet like are we even allowed to act like this? Like can't I be that graceful responsible woman? It's pretty to be correct. The music, attitude entirely. So many things gone out of wak from all angles and me too! I'm feeling like I can't see anybody and I want to hybernTe and I'm so tired of trying and behind or a like let down... These are my thoughts tho and I wish they weren't. I should try even harder I see and it's hard to say cuz it's retarded to think this should be said when it's not. I'm gona try to rest and feel the love at least I have for myself and wish u were here to help and I  will keep trying to be a light in this world.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Love is home ... Home is Love... Eye Love>>

Home Work is really all about LOVE, to care, to caress, to try to impress, to try and comprehend, to know that your the home and not the I am having fun being me and noticing that my wishes are all here and tru like urs are, just notice and accept that your like a dream come true, u can dream and it can actually take u there on a space shuttle and transform into what vehicle u unconsciously wanted to ride... but then I know how things happen and they are far from what we wanted or what we least expected... How do u explain that? I love some parts of the inexplainable! like things that were necessary bc what is right before us doesnt show instaed we want results, we want to be better than our neighbor and we wana be succeeding like a competitive microcosm, w delicate existance nobody there to catch if such fall. who falls anyway>? we r the Super People of the future HELLO! Nothing wrong w me, less is wrong w u. I like positive reinforcement too.. i hate cigarettes actually, i like drinking but its like im so over and on to the next but its just a bed that u sleep on, u rather sleep on it that sleep on the floor, nowhere else to sleep like nothing else to do but drink instead of anything.... NO NOTHING... no other option,, no bed,,, the FLOOR,,, get it> ? thats what I think. Im not negative tho, im not stupid positive either, thats really boring in fact, i like solutions to problems not problems and not no problems i guess bc i believe their is always something to improve on, always a "problem" or LETS CAUSE A PROBLEM! what ifff.... lol and just talk about it LOLOL. we wont ever get to that anyway LOL but its like an example to find a solution to what is happening... finding a simile or an antonym... is interesting, its only a brain and its only a thought and its using it rather than not. i am quiet a lot. I am trying to create the contrary to something all the time bc like if we think everyone wants to shop online then we r NUTS LOL the opposite to that is going someplace for the EXPERIENCE,,, and i'm referring to DAY TIME. I want you to be a part of MY team... not just someone who will steal my ideas and try to make them theirs.. When will it begin?

im being a total bitch right now whatch out... TAMBO

lesssons in life are endless huh... golly, what a long thundering rainstorm its been, Earthquake? shouldnt that be more normal to feel? like everytime we made a mistake like a sign from God, it nods a shake right under our feet, like a city maybe but even individually... but its only cuz THEIR IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG... but we all know whats closer to right and further from wrong, right? well its not only that that it is, its a system and depending on your own free will the outcomes merge together to form what ISSSS.... im not even on drugs actually, not a druggie, never really been, Has anybody REALLY done drugs w me like IM THE ONE w the problem>? No. cuz im always there to regret outspokenly FIRST LOL like a Human Being.... im not anything but exact experimental science its answers in the air, that's the only point. I am not better than u, i am not as good as I want to be even, i am being honest and wanting more is why I make a good prospect for what is about to happen, (dont only look here pls.))) I want to sell everything and live in the smaller room in my apartment. I may need a safe storage for what I do use for styling but I dont want it in my sanctuary. I want it to be shared by other stylists that wana store their things w me... we can begin a storage unit w ppl i can trust to use whatever style they need, i dont want to be the only one w this stuff!!! us it PLEASE! and thats my idea for the night... i dont wana talk to ppl who dont value me enough and YES thats u BITCH!! #bitchin

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Reverse

I love the idea of everything reversible all the pants and T's even jumpers even the art for the walls have another option depending on what image u Wana portray the difference is everything must be sold w the hanger as option or best way to keep your things tidy.. That being the innovation and when u buy 2 in one your winning and wo more crap in your possession it should become addictive... Perfect for travel and all. The sunglasses have removable lenses for the option of having mismatched sunglasses as your own form of expression.. Then tjey come w the slender box to keep them separate and tidy which can be also hung on the wall. Perhaps the cover can be clear to create an advertisement for the friends n visitors or home decor photography (forgot the name of one I like starts w an "s"?) this is optional for shoes too, why not... It's part of our movement but we curate the colors perfectly on trend to excite ppl by impulse when they learn how more things are possible w the simple show design and simplicity is also what draws them in to buy a classic looking item the trend is less having to do w the complicated shapes.. In the end we wear what we wear and I can spice things up in other ways that hopefully take up less space and are less important to the majority of consumers. Art for the walls must have a dual picture... So come next week to see the back... Most likely a contradiction opposite or playing w your expectations and possibly the same exact image in a different color only... Like a rushed cause LOL bracelets have two sides even scarf and also a scarf that can be pulled inside out the way a sock to see a complete other color makes an excellent scarf. Materials are a must and no flaws acceptable . We know what is breathable and technology is allowing more access and immitations and combinations of textile that create the best option and this goes for the proper location and weather season. Miami is hot but cold inside everywhere more reason to sell the item to make ultimate comfort and success which is like charma for the store not charma for me even... This is it's own identity. We are the workers of the perfect cell that feeds us and allows us to create more great greater greatest ideas... It's OUR store... It's T-HAUS bc we owe it to the history of art and all their trials and errors have made us better artists w known circumstances we created rules and we are even allowed to break them bc they say this is too far fetched of an idea.. 
Reversible blankets pillows towels beanies it goes w our conscious method but that's not all I want transparency or things that w wear and wash they change and evolve and morph or change color.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I want my ppl to be free to b free

Idk if it's been felt. It felt more like velvet. I was in this cloud. It came from one direction and moved to be consistent.. Only for that reason. A dark cloud pitch black over me in a constant direction; like obsession. I saw the lights flicker, the flexible truth I tried to tell but it played w what I saw when even I swore it moved. What a stupid little light I focused so concentrated to make sure I wasn't exhausted... I know I always see them things. Like games w sci- or u yourself.
Again u try to look so that it seems ur not looking cuz this stupid game got so much more intense and sure it sure is worse lol... 

Thankful Things...

 a city is a trend I must say... Like Nebraska, London, 

What about hi Monday! Or 
Dear Casette,

Reality :)

Paul ( biblical)

Connecticut Rose 

Miley Cyrus is 

Winona 2

I'm totally joking just writing to explore as I go wo thinking and it's a Chanel I wish I could remote and spec.... 

My house is a huge homework to maintain and keep up w on it's own, can't imagine it getting complicated w what's meant to come but I'm a survivor more than anybody cuz maybe not that much but I wish I could so that I would mold myself into what it is, that whatever's missing. 

Have I told u that I'm trying to be successful? That I'm building up to something, that I should be somewhere else cuz wtf? Is this real? Sure it is but ppl r in different places in life, they are cuz 

Why do I even even say this? Maybe cuz it's not even THAT bad to say... Cuz since I'm going somewhere I'm just astonished that w all the ideas and talent, I haven't gone as far w it as I should have so I beat myself up about it. As I should! Or maybe not. But what is life then? Wo true communication, I'm built to expresss, not a song to rhyme, no set route to fame,.... that's very much part of the equation. I see how that affects the trust, how does one then go about getting investors? Ppl. Trust is bigger that u, I may b farther from it but what exactly makes u closer to it??? When uve flaunted ur flaws like it's empty, no audience, it is permanent marker what we all do at least when we intend it.  Others were more concerned w being better than who they really.?.
 stead of finding themselves in expressing, um, nonscence to reach a level w an echo that's a chase like dream.
Hello I'm still here.

Does it ever make anyone truly happy when bottom line that's all we want. 

Unity, forgiveness, a challenge ok but like a feather it's a natural thing. I'm not trying to promote this, it's pretty much embara- that's half way to say pregnant in Spanish... I'm not ready but...

Is it ok to just talk like this? Or is it not? I Wana know what isn't and what is.. Cuz love is shown in that way... Communicate means sex to me... Ok I'm done and I thank for being this masterpiece disguised as disaster it's a terrible look maintain as an individual when movements reinforce 


I think the future is in printing... i mean printing on clothing and if ppl, designers, are holding back its cuz they wana BOOM it out like holding us back from something... the more they hold it back the more profitable it could be... the fashion industry should be smart in a family way, families all have different charachteristics,,, they all hold their place in the group, not everybody is a "necessity" so lets realize that too.. its just about art,,, in a business aspect of winning the aproval of the mass. I dont try to win the approval of the mass but its smart to take that direction. its a waste to spend time trying to rebel, u win when u win the understanding of the crave and when ppl put their money on something its putting their money and trust in u, u can be anybody else and design the same thing but its very much a name ur establishing to grow w a like hands that say come toward me, not u walking away like ur neglecting their opinion. anyway, its a color correction direction that if u choose to trust your gut ,your the starting point of an unkown direction and for that you will be more credible. Try to follow your instincts..."

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fractions n decimals

Will I be the perfect one? I know it's in me, in us to be our most desired best version. Can I be this way that I would love to portray... No matter what. Wo a turn a sway a day to forget something, I rather escape the trap. To know it's worth breaking through the fears, to hold your worth like a medal of honor, to appreciate always trying. I can be however I want n have but it's affecting the world n all I have. To hear it from some that the other suffered, makes me stop and prove that maybe we all have our problems, I don't have problems no nothing at all, just talking a ton not listening enough. So many places to travel n learn n all this time I spend on my phone. Got no explanation explaining the blanks like some duty that should eventually collapse... Will I be constant, a star, a treasure for some, no Oscar just happy and loving.. My heart is like a lemon how could it get this squished? It's only a fraction of the big pic. Would love to soneday be IT.