Friday, March 21, 2014

Love is home ... Home is Love... Eye Love>>

Home Work is really all about LOVE, to care, to caress, to try to impress, to try and comprehend, to know that your the home and not the I am having fun being me and noticing that my wishes are all here and tru like urs are, just notice and accept that your like a dream come true, u can dream and it can actually take u there on a space shuttle and transform into what vehicle u unconsciously wanted to ride... but then I know how things happen and they are far from what we wanted or what we least expected... How do u explain that? I love some parts of the inexplainable! like things that were necessary bc what is right before us doesnt show instaed we want results, we want to be better than our neighbor and we wana be succeeding like a competitive microcosm, w delicate existance nobody there to catch if such fall. who falls anyway>? we r the Super People of the future HELLO! Nothing wrong w me, less is wrong w u. I like positive reinforcement too.. i hate cigarettes actually, i like drinking but its like im so over and on to the next but its just a bed that u sleep on, u rather sleep on it that sleep on the floor, nowhere else to sleep like nothing else to do but drink instead of anything.... NO NOTHING... no other option,, no bed,,, the FLOOR,,, get it> ? thats what I think. Im not negative tho, im not stupid positive either, thats really boring in fact, i like solutions to problems not problems and not no problems i guess bc i believe their is always something to improve on, always a "problem" or LETS CAUSE A PROBLEM! what ifff.... lol and just talk about it LOLOL. we wont ever get to that anyway LOL but its like an example to find a solution to what is happening... finding a simile or an antonym... is interesting, its only a brain and its only a thought and its using it rather than not. i am quiet a lot. I am trying to create the contrary to something all the time bc like if we think everyone wants to shop online then we r NUTS LOL the opposite to that is going someplace for the EXPERIENCE,,, and i'm referring to DAY TIME. I want you to be a part of MY team... not just someone who will steal my ideas and try to make them theirs.. When will it begin?

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