Friday, March 21, 2014

im being a total bitch right now whatch out... TAMBO

lesssons in life are endless huh... golly, what a long thundering rainstorm its been, Earthquake? shouldnt that be more normal to feel? like everytime we made a mistake like a sign from God, it nods a shake right under our feet, like a city maybe but even individually... but its only cuz THEIR IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG... but we all know whats closer to right and further from wrong, right? well its not only that that it is, its a system and depending on your own free will the outcomes merge together to form what ISSSS.... im not even on drugs actually, not a druggie, never really been, Has anybody REALLY done drugs w me like IM THE ONE w the problem>? No. cuz im always there to regret outspokenly FIRST LOL like a Human Being.... im not anything but exact experimental science its answers in the air, that's the only point. I am not better than u, i am not as good as I want to be even, i am being honest and wanting more is why I make a good prospect for what is about to happen, (dont only look here pls.))) I want to sell everything and live in the smaller room in my apartment. I may need a safe storage for what I do use for styling but I dont want it in my sanctuary. I want it to be shared by other stylists that wana store their things w me... we can begin a storage unit w ppl i can trust to use whatever style they need, i dont want to be the only one w this stuff!!! us it PLEASE! and thats my idea for the night... i dont wana talk to ppl who dont value me enough and YES thats u BITCH!! #bitchin

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