Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fractions n decimals

Will I be the perfect one? I know it's in me, in us to be our most desired best version. Can I be this way that I would love to portray... No matter what. Wo a turn a sway a day to forget something, I rather escape the trap. To know it's worth breaking through the fears, to hold your worth like a medal of honor, to appreciate always trying. I can be however I want n have but it's affecting the world n all I have. To hear it from some that the other suffered, makes me stop and prove that maybe we all have our problems, I don't have problems no nothing at all, just talking a ton not listening enough. So many places to travel n learn n all this time I spend on my phone. Got no explanation explaining the blanks like some duty that should eventually collapse... Will I be constant, a star, a treasure for some, no Oscar just happy and loving.. My heart is like a lemon how could it get this squished? It's only a fraction of the big pic. Would love to soneday be IT. 

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