Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I think the future is in printing... i mean printing on clothing and if ppl, designers, are holding back its cuz they wana BOOM it out like holding us back from something... the more they hold it back the more profitable it could be... the fashion industry should be smart in a family way, families all have different charachteristics,,, they all hold their place in the group, not everybody is a "necessity" so lets realize that too.. its just about art,,, in a business aspect of winning the aproval of the mass. I dont try to win the approval of the mass but its smart to take that direction. its a waste to spend time trying to rebel, u win when u win the understanding of the crave and when ppl put their money on something its putting their money and trust in u, u can be anybody else and design the same thing but its very much a name ur establishing to grow w a like hands that say come toward me, not u walking away like ur neglecting their opinion. anyway, its a color correction direction that if u choose to trust your gut ,your the starting point of an unkown direction and for that you will be more credible. Try to follow your instincts..."

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