Friday, August 26, 2011

Keep calm and carry on...

Necklaces hanging from a mirror. The "evil eye" from Turkey present from my god father Tomas Muñoz, my brown "leadership" Pendant from a Tony Robbins event, the colorful beaded necklace I bought from my 6 year old niece who made it for 1.50 Euros, black 3 strand necklace gift from my mother & the "stay calm and carry on" necklace made from a scrabble piece also a gift from my mother :)

Muse... Daisy Lowe

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bimba y Lola, shopping day...

Bought two pair of shoes at this store today.
I know that people in the world are starving and I do care about them and I do what I can to give back but this is my favorite store in Spain at the moment and as I walked around the streets where my father is from with my very generous mother which I barely get to spend time with anymore unless its work! We did what our typical mother daughter day consists of... shopping and/or eating :) We were so funny debating whether we should stop at a cafe and have tapas or browse the next shop. The streets were full of preppy couples and elders arm in arm and children in crochet outfits with big smiles all in an overcast day. We bought a few or more things at H&M and then I remembered I had to see how one of my ultimate fav stores in Spain was doing "Bimba y Lola" It was amazing and I fell in love 5x's but left with two things.

My family is gathered here in front of me playing the guitar singing songs, they are having me look up the lyrics to a song...
check it out...

Anyways, little love children I am going to rest so I can be up early tomorrow and hike the hills and take some photographs! I have spent too much time these days on the computer! working! Today was a nice release to spend shopping but I wish I ate less. :P

Inspiration: Fringe Boot

Isabel Marant fringe boot, I dig em.

New Tom Ford perfume...

We'll have to try this!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If your ready to Rock 'em, get yourself a cheap pair for $100 here;

Pictured; Balmain, 2 images from Jeremy Scott, Burberry Prorsum, Celine & an editorial with Caroline Murphy.

Oh Jeremy...

Scrolling through some JEREMY SCOTT shows for Burning Man inspiration!!... I was happy to find what he does best, that hardcore 90's punk with ballsy color! Unfortunately, I was too young to really feel that 90's grunge I was too busy in private school lol but I definitely wore those funky ass Fuzzy baby tees and patent leather boots! I even dyed my hair with cool aid! These were some looks i chose for some fashion influence to take back to my blog and share with you all but go ahead scroll through his entire designer past on its totally worth it.

Lovin' the high pigtails with neon hair extensions!!!

Zinka Colored Sunblock

Get this! Super cool nosecoat sunblock, fashionable and fun to wear while being active! want a Tribal look for a music festival? skiing, surfing... get creative and draw a heart on your back or a star on your neck!

My Old Unfinished Painting...

My Old Unfinished Painting...

Cleaning out the closet...

I just found some old unfinished paintings of mine... I have a few more... From my phone they make a new post so here goes...

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is my bedroom in Luanco

My summer home in the north of Spain, a little fisherman village called Luanco. My father and his brothers would get together here with their families ever since my grandmother "Bita" Maria Cruz Martinez passed, she wrote it in her will for her sons to gather the family every summer for some time together. The house looks exactly like a life sized dollhouse! I took this picture with a really cool secret app on my iPhone and if u ask maybe I will tell you! ;)

The Experience.

Sketchy 2 Party Bakehouse Miami

Everyone mixed and mingled and had a good time, enjoying beer, gourmet pizza from Joey’s (I say it again! Best pizza!) and a DJ spinning some world beat and house music on vinyl. Even with all the movement and energy the models held their positions in the name of art. Amongst those sketchy posers were fashion blogger Kelly Saks and sister Kathy Saks (Kathy’s Kakery), blogger Tammy and boyfriend Paul Isaac, lead singer of idie band People From Venus as well as Tigerlily Dream creator Yelsi Saravia and artist Julie Orsini Shaker.

Kooky Blogger on the loose!

OCinema Sept 10

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The little girls here in this town where families unite for the month of August love to make bracelets! My little cousin Thelma makes bracelets and she is backed up with pre-orders! I used to do lemonaid stands and make friendship bracelets and stuff too but these little girls have themselves a really good business! Here is a photo I manipulated of some bracelets I bought. :)

Find Yourself Some Entertainment!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Plane Thoughts...

Instead of those "floats" why don't they give us each a parachute? If the plane is going down, I'd jump out but what am I gona do w my seat used as a float! I have to wrap my arms around that and hope for the best?

Whatever happened to the concord???

I think I'm going to have to get my own plane... Maybe through a time share bc these airlines today are not progressing.

Why don't planes have Internet?they could be like mini hotel rooms, room service, a bed, bigger windows!

We still use the same seat belts as 1984 maybe even 1972

It would be nice to have a manicure while up in the sky. They would bank off massages and "flying" creams for sale on a cart.

9hrs in a seat this size is totally inhumane, it reminds me of Hitler.

Remember trains? They had beds and bars and restaurants... Even boats are totally luxurious, what happened to the commercial plane?
If we were still wearing those big flouncy dresses we wouldn't fit in these chairs.

On Local flights you have a personal TV w a selection of movies but would u believe that on this international flight across the world I'm sitting in a chair that won't go back bc I have a wall to the bathroom behind me and half a window in front of me?! The tv is the size of a flying frisbee! Somethings got to give American Airlines!

Last time I swore I'd never fly Delta they made me pay 75$ for a small red bag I needed to check w my bathroom products, the kind of bag u take to your boyfriends house to stay over.

Now I heard them say they are charging for crappy earphones we will never use again.

Spare us!

I need my own plane.

Ps. Still on this damn plane for now and I usually sleep on these long flights but this time definitely couldn't. So I'm writing and reading and watching movies and talking to the old lady next to me, (she's got some really great stories) I walk up and down the ails getting water or whatever and when I went to te back of the plane the stuardess asks me if I'm alright.. I told her I'm in one of those seats where I can't put the back down and some guy over heard me and said "I feel your pain!" and then the stuardess went on to say that we should file a complaint bc they keep adding seats to the planes! NO WONDER IM COMPLAINING! so the guy read my mind about them being seats w a discount!! Lol so anyway I came back and told the old lady and she told the other ladies so looks like we are going to get a riot going here LOL. Then they are so silly that they said two guys were seating behind the curtain behind us... An I said yea of course the airline attendants! And I just noticed that they have like a little room w a curtain and their seats go very much back almost vertical! That's what I was saying we should all have, so it's definitely possible :)

Too funny, too bored, get me off this plane I'm starting to have an anxiety attack!

I can't believe believe I'm still upright it's been almost 9 hours!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just got off a plane again...

This is what I wrote while I was on it:

A program where if you previously ask not to eat on the plane instead you can give up your meal for a starving person to have it. The planes that go to that area send the meals that ppl gave up for them there. Most ppl are just choosing chicken or pasta bc they are asked, not because they are hungry. Many of us leave most of the food behind which goes to waste time and time again bc "nobody likes airplane food" well, I'm sure somebody in need of a meal would love to have it.
All the unopened crackers and cheese! I went to a cafe in LA where the man cleaning up was throwing away the unopened butters! So frustrating.

I also finished my Chelsea Handler book called 'My Horizontal Life' was a great fast lil guilty pleasure of a read. She definitely exaggerates things to make them more entertaining. It was so silly omg. I think I could write a book like that myself that's why I flew right through it. Catching a plane home to Miami now!! I need a vacation from the vacation, like wow.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The shirt dress...

"Midnight in Paris" directed by Woody Allen had me thinking about them before I saw the stunning Emma Roberts in the 'All Saints' sleeveless shirt dress she wore a day out shopping but then I magically found a similar one by Miss Selfridge :) Loving this look for the month of August and its not going anywhere since its so wearable, chic, and polished for any day or night. Now you have to get yourself one! Share what u find! If not, you could always belt your boyfriends shirt with a pair of tights or leggings, add a turtle neck or scarf and your look is ready for the chilly days up north but it wont look quite as elegant as the fitted ones coming out now, at least I found mine!

Knee pads...

When you know your gona get yourself into some rough stuff I suggest you protect yourself by wearing the right gear. Clothing itself is a way to protect our bodies from the cold at times, goggles from the sand storms or snow, the right shoes will get you places, you catch my drift... Well this post is about knee pads bc I'm craving a pair! Inspired by Juliette Lewis herself she is one stylish performer who gets wild on stage and wears knee pads to do what she does best Rock On! I have also included a more delicate form of "knee pad" which are pieces of lace like stalking over the knee in a previous Vanessa Bruno runway collection. Dont the models look like they are ready for ANYTHING with them on? Thats what I'm going for! I want to wear knee pads to get wild in the dessert but this is how the trend translates over to the fall season in an extra cool way. Layer them over tights and your ready to hit the town.