Saturday, July 21, 2012

Barneys $5,000 shoe contest...

Shoes... The ballerina flats to walk the puppy, the boots to travel far out bound, Wait! Those darling stilettos, I dance around. Even once they r off they look so precious thrown around or on the shelf. Sounds like thats all I care about but they can make a girl happy! I complement another all the time and look at so many while online. Loving almost every pair I'm a 7.5 no Cinderella shoe size here, I swear. So many of them fit me, tons and tons to choose from., but when a girl finds the perfect shoe, it's usually Barneys where I'd choose them. ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Just practicing Italian when I thought I forgot it...

Questa notte... e una colaboazione di tutti a favor di la famosa TAMBONATION... ella e una ragazza estranna niente, io non posso con quella perque io sono tan tan come en altro mundo... ela e especialle multo especiale, dificile 'explicar' (e una palabra espanola) no lo so come se dice en italiano, perque non lo so explicarlo en nincuna manera, nungun idioma... io solo posso intentalo, e bello parlare di questa ragazza incomprenible, si o supiere dicilo en francese,,, ahora,,, questo minuto, seria el minuto para cambiare,,, pero,, alora, mio primo,,, ehh..... come se dice! Cusano alguna cosa, eh iguale al espanolo, capito? "non capito niente" ahh! alora,,, comenciamo!... QUE CAZO!?! fuckin bloge di merd American bullshit people all americans r so stupiiid! They dnt know anything they r all uneducated retards w no education, no manners, no understanding of the future!!!! The wars are wrong! They are stupeed. They have to be stopped! Well, this is not fair?! What n how will u stop them? Well Idk I cant it takes many its like skipping an add on youtube they r children who like destruction. Firenze grazie! Tamara

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love Poem.

Hello deep down Hello hollow how empty the echo how many salty tears A heart so strangled Love unable to express The playful days are over the smiles heavy looking down. The empty bed noone to touch noone to talk to the laughs are cries the stains are permanent left memories behind a darkness overcast Resentment, regret, no going back, been led astray Food doesnt even taste good the poisons are everywhere hold my hand and run with me nurturing one another in our warmth its being alone we must run from i am so scared. Jumping into white feathers out of the slime a slide of showers to visit the clown the clouds open the sky the rays of light tickle your arms find yourself there u are gold.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Letting Go...

I just realized how each person on Earth is probably not at their full potential in their lives.

I realize that by watching time go by and seeing how somebody you might have spend a time with acted foolishly and how they might be doing better now. Ppl make mistakes. Ppl need lots of chances, chances are everyday that we wake up and the sun comes out, a new day.

I am beginning to feel the energy, the energies going around more. I just got out of the shower, I did a cleansing a woman told me to do which had to do w an egg... Then you crack the egg into a glass and see everything... "the eyes" from any evil eyes on you.

I might have been putting "mal de ojo" on others as well, just being disappointed in them, the anger stirs up from seeing pictures of them w your x on Instagram. Let's say. And then it's this and then it's that and soon enough it's her birthday and u really don't give a fuck. Bc ur pissed inside and haven't spoken for quite a while. And you aren't necessarily "holding anything really in" bc u never really were close friends to begin with and then you realize... But you also know that this person whether or not your actually close u will always have a relationship with bc your families are friends it's complicated and it's surprising since you would never be the one to take them off your friends first, you never would. I never thought that was even an option since things went way back and you knewww that she was confused for the time being hanging out with "Them"! You were going to wait til the day came that she told you what bad things they talked about her.. Bc u knew them, those other ppl, that other group WOULD end up doing the same to her, they don't really care about HER. But why do I think about it all so deeply?
Bc it's a cleansing of my past.
It's what I've been praying for.
It's not only her but the 30 ppl she told her story to that caused this energy that I can FEEL.
I am cleansed. I saw the eyes in the egg... She told me I would.
I knew I would too

I'm on a path...
It's not a path to righteousness, it's a path to being able do more for myself.

This is a personal blog in case you stumbled upon it.

This is more secret than humans having babies.

Weddings and babies and all the crap that comes and continues and we each go thru and have time for... We can't be friends with everybody! YOU HAVE TO EDIT. I have been edited before I knew that was who too edit! The energy you felt was coming from THERE the whole time!

And as usual I thought it was someone else but it's def more than one, I saw EYESSSS IN THE EGG... "Bubbles" she said...

Some of this is for blogs sake. Sone of this I shouldn't be saying. Some of this is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and all of it is something I need to put away, be done with & say good bye forever, Amen.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I should take a pic...

Of the obstacles I go through... Like the GAP between the Lobby and the elevator I was entering to put my clicker next to a box and then press my floor. It doesn't matter what floor but the gap "mind the gap" they say in LONDON. It's a considerate thing to say and acknowledge when u consider the rapid doors made out of nothing human prob the opposite as they shut on ur backpack well what hap to the lasers we have to -oh wait--- time is money... The gap has a sign but the slamming doors everyone scoot in closer NADA NASA. I remember I was so SOO mad when I saw a space that ppl weren't scooting into and GUESS WHAT... U won't believe it... It was the guy w "no legs" from the movie Kids. That movie was so harsh and American I have to say but bc It had to be to have any balls to capture the real thing... It's exaggerated and makes u feel maybe uncomfortable or simply take away the rules of manners which in reality is what happened in so many groups of fresh faced young guys and the girls had no knowledge of how to react other than how it was "cool" cuz they were so confident about blowing stuff up and they were so likable and determined enough to put their bodies at stake for a huge jump that in text book land, didn't exist... Had no value YET. It was ballsy and that was impressive. I remember how the videos would show kids making a mess or blowing something up and I couldn't relate to EXACTLY THAT PART. I felt bad for whoever had or was gona pick that up... Somebody will.. It's a cool enough art piece as that in itself on its own actually... Picking up te pieces is a part of life we don't record, the documentary by Brazilian artist Vic Munoz is about the ppl that live off the huge maybe biggest mountain of TRASH and then he photographed them and then... Wait... He prob didn't know what he was doing next and MAYBE it was t his idea.. To re-create the image w trash like ART. It can't all be his... We all help one another and lots of ppl had to have helped him create or re-create all that he did. That's all I'm saying. It's in my genes to root for the under dog. I saw this scrap of a desk and I said the other day... "I can use this... Like work from bed.." and then I found the exact thing that was an actual design thing u buy that does the same thing exactly... It has pillows on the bottom for where u lay it on. Anyway, I always regret talking too much but it's where I think I'm beautiful and it kinda not hurts but it isn't what I want... To hold it all in... I think chairs look cool when u sit on them backwards and when somebody falls honestly or when a ton of something mistakenly fell in ur dish.. It's what paint does when u allow it to be. It's nothing that I really know of bc I'm not really GOD we just all have a part of him in us to believe in. Aap I said a map. A dollhouse doesn't have a master bedroom u walk into... It would make another cool idea of a backwards world... I still love that idea. It's simple, it's we walk on the sky like hopefully cuz perhaps, no gravity...but the sky is now the ground... The palm trees are rooted from the top, the roof now has a wall but ur feet go dwn endlessly... It's impossible for that to be but it's as simple as a square or a portrait of an old man u can sit next to. It's a lil journey of backwardness that is a joke but taken from reality just made into an extreme concept and why not... That s all I'm saying ere.
Why not create a thing u walk thru that is completely who cares. U walked thru... That's all.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY chandeliere!

Found here: A DIY chandeliere is a cool idea for a DIY project! So happy to have found this!!... Since a hoola hoop is so light weight it will surely hold up some lights wrapped around it. I think its a cool way to create an ambiance for an installation, special room, outdoor area, and set idea for a shoot, if ever I need a light... I saw some magical chandelieres in Lightning in a Bottle festival that I will add to this post!
I was mesmerized when looking at the hand-made pieces of art made into lights there... I met some installation artists there while under one as I took a photo of it... it was pretty cool as you can see! Have a light-filled day! Love, Tammy

Hand jewelry... Phone.

Check out this Spiderman IPhone 5 hand piece I found on
It's perfect for me!
Maybe you like it too...
Just like the hand jewelry pieces I like, this is a phone u wear on your hand so your actual grip is free and you can type on the top of your hand. It looks like u can hold two phones w one hand finally ;) xoxo