Friday, July 13, 2012

Letting Go...

I just realized how each person on Earth is probably not at their full potential in their lives.

I realize that by watching time go by and seeing how somebody you might have spend a time with acted foolishly and how they might be doing better now. Ppl make mistakes. Ppl need lots of chances, chances are everyday that we wake up and the sun comes out, a new day.

I am beginning to feel the energy, the energies going around more. I just got out of the shower, I did a cleansing a woman told me to do which had to do w an egg... Then you crack the egg into a glass and see everything... "the eyes" from any evil eyes on you.

I might have been putting "mal de ojo" on others as well, just being disappointed in them, the anger stirs up from seeing pictures of them w your x on Instagram. Let's say. And then it's this and then it's that and soon enough it's her birthday and u really don't give a fuck. Bc ur pissed inside and haven't spoken for quite a while. And you aren't necessarily "holding anything really in" bc u never really were close friends to begin with and then you realize... But you also know that this person whether or not your actually close u will always have a relationship with bc your families are friends it's complicated and it's surprising since you would never be the one to take them off your friends first, you never would. I never thought that was even an option since things went way back and you knewww that she was confused for the time being hanging out with "Them"! You were going to wait til the day came that she told you what bad things they talked about her.. Bc u knew them, those other ppl, that other group WOULD end up doing the same to her, they don't really care about HER. But why do I think about it all so deeply?
Bc it's a cleansing of my past.
It's what I've been praying for.
It's not only her but the 30 ppl she told her story to that caused this energy that I can FEEL.
I am cleansed. I saw the eyes in the egg... She told me I would.
I knew I would too

I'm on a path...
It's not a path to righteousness, it's a path to being able do more for myself.

This is a personal blog in case you stumbled upon it.

This is more secret than humans having babies.

Weddings and babies and all the crap that comes and continues and we each go thru and have time for... We can't be friends with everybody! YOU HAVE TO EDIT. I have been edited before I knew that was who too edit! The energy you felt was coming from THERE the whole time!

And as usual I thought it was someone else but it's def more than one, I saw EYESSSS IN THE EGG... "Bubbles" she said...

Some of this is for blogs sake. Sone of this I shouldn't be saying. Some of this is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and all of it is something I need to put away, be done with & say good bye forever, Amen.

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