Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Diary of a Girl

I'm not feeling well, I feel like I'm on another team, one unknown, stand alone. I love to write, maybe structure is important. I hear footsteps on the gravel but the type that r mysterious like sneaky spy's out my window. I look for a breeze the way it swayed before and they think I'm not looking so I see it still instead. Like the Truman Show in a bubble.. I don't want to be ur source of entertainment, maybe I'm delusional, but I hear footsteps... What do they want from me? The one who sways a tree to make it look real is not on point and the shadows r more honest honestly. I don't want to be a source for entertainment... I don't want to know u even, I know ur all in this, world, you know... Grey Gardens... I rather be out of this world.

Sage & Sound

A sound sucker so instead of speakers projecting sound a way to control sound for it to be silent. Like a silent bathroom break or wripping magazines w no sound  or banging drums in silence but feeling the vibration so that u can feel more than hear or a club that u can put ur phone to u and w an option the song is gone and u can still dance in delight about how u have the power to choose not to hear it. Wo disturbing others's wishes and happiness in that they r happy there where u left them. 
Safe & Sound.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's a new day! Everyday :)

A field of grass or a long horizon of beach whatever the background may be... The canvas is everywhere now I was thinking what should be 3D printed? I have an idea and I'm doing it tomorrow! Anne Marie got inspired by our talk about art... I feel like I have to manifest more and so that's the process their is no debate here... Going to make some BIG things and I'm starting the experimentation process starting tomorrow! Fabulous, riding the wave of life, I had thoughts about how we all have to be somebody or do something but that I just want to BE... And only if your GREAT can u really just BE ok... So great is what we r shooting for now. I used this space like a trash can at times to throw up the words and be bananas peeled but now we r picking up the pieces and moving foreword... It's the BIG PICTURE that really counts... I have to say that the amount of LOVE I have for my dog right now sleeping next to me is overbearing... It makes me feel larger than life and so grounded to be here for this little teddy bear creature... It's a dog... I don't have a baby yet but I know I'm right on time anyway. So I'm a mom, to my girl, she doesn't cry or wine and she can't speak or complain but she does bite. She does talk I guess, she cares a lot. I really love her so much. I'm doing this for u Roxy! For all of the people to feel like they are loved this much by a God who speaks about them this way while they sleep. They have no idea but it's all happening. Deep Breath of love... Warm fuzzy cozy w a breeze Love... May our exhales create an invisible blanket of LOVE for us all. Good night.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Closed eye type

Songs in your head r interesting... 
Then credits projected after ur lil moment. 
You don't need to grow up, just be better cuz babies r us. I do it for the kids!!
The chanels I don't have need to disappear w a button. Complicate or lazy ass who just wants to make things non NON.. To get sales... Sell me something that makes sense already!
Or help me save it and sell me a trip... Something I can come back and say that girl at there is worthy of my effort for positive push in career and what least I could back which is reliable and consistant... I am cheating slightly by saying that... It's cuz it's what I'm lacking. But what I'm lacking and if u have there some talent then I can vouch for being a 

I don't like the home shopping network but I can see we have very little unless u buy the other channels... Don't even matter.
Matter of fact... 
Remote was an extension of me and since 3yrs or so now I am in a sort a revolt. I let the control be there, it's controlling to know its there, I won't control it tho.. But I control everything else. I don't like to control the music. I get so mad at myself... I don't have my hw done. U do. Get a life so u can be HAPPY! 

Right after I say happy and do another thing I look at happy n feel like it's not a pretty enough word... I take it back... I think happy is so cute and short and 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A fly buzzing about..., in Holalulu 
The captain in his uniform,
Get off at the next stop...
"That's my ship! I'm the captain!"
We boarded and we were friends..
The crew
They all came to see me...
Yes, I LOVE the Navy!
Your not getting a dishonorable discharge
Your getting an HONORABLE discharge.
(I got two!)
Che Alatorre 

just some ppl to OPEN MIND to...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I don't make that sense so make something else instead..

I would like to hold hands with the mental concept we share.. Or just hold it regular.
Ice, rice, water, nice
Dust dew dark 
I don't think it's understandable 
Not one but two, attempted Thank You's
Pls be happy pls be kind
...share the wine
Holy Ghost
Quite undressed 
We reflect that great success
I have so many things to do
And love to constantly give u

Certain things are quite apparent
Like a glass shell 
With spikes
I just left to leave it there
None existent love affair

Blow a kiss w eyes that meet
Taste the future 
And how sweet
To be this humble this unfair
This tarantula has fake hair!
All dressed up in his costume

Bear the whiskers which dig in odor
Be aware of breaking pact