Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's a new day! Everyday :)

A field of grass or a long horizon of beach whatever the background may be... The canvas is everywhere now I was thinking what should be 3D printed? I have an idea and I'm doing it tomorrow! Anne Marie got inspired by our talk about art... I feel like I have to manifest more and so that's the process their is no debate here... Going to make some BIG things and I'm starting the experimentation process starting tomorrow! Fabulous, riding the wave of life, I had thoughts about how we all have to be somebody or do something but that I just want to BE... And only if your GREAT can u really just BE ok... So great is what we r shooting for now. I used this space like a trash can at times to throw up the words and be bananas peeled but now we r picking up the pieces and moving foreword... It's the BIG PICTURE that really counts... I have to say that the amount of LOVE I have for my dog right now sleeping next to me is overbearing... It makes me feel larger than life and so grounded to be here for this little teddy bear creature... It's a dog... I don't have a baby yet but I know I'm right on time anyway. So I'm a mom, to my girl, she doesn't cry or wine and she can't speak or complain but she does bite. She does talk I guess, she cares a lot. I really love her so much. I'm doing this for u Roxy! For all of the people to feel like they are loved this much by a God who speaks about them this way while they sleep. They have no idea but it's all happening. Deep Breath of love... Warm fuzzy cozy w a breeze Love... May our exhales create an invisible blanket of LOVE for us all. Good night.

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