Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disco Queen!

Disco Queen eating stone crabs

Had an amazing dinner at Joes last night dressed as a disco queen, it was so classic to do while wearing those chrome silver nails.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Poem "Puddles"

Puddles splash on the curb as the cars ride by
Squeaks from the halt and then some.
The reds probably reflect everywhere in that darkness
the sounds more pronounced in this silence.
Somewhere the waves crash instead of the wheels, where the water is salty not so murky and dirty
A baby sound asleep dreams of Teddy bears.
Somewhere A woman dances alone
Near there, A puff taken from a pipe
Keyboards constantly clicking about throughout
And An owl howls
And we keep typing our thoughts into air
The air we breathe
And exhale a new thought
We were never there
It's just out the window
I can hear it all, the sounds surrounding me.
What's in your head if u don't let it out?
It just goes to waste but has a life
It seeps into another brain like telepathy
And we all feel it together
Our feet on the ground but our arms and hair like antennas
We share a common ground through this
That's why I'm sitting here trying to listen.

Lyrics BROKEN BELLS "Mongrel Heart"

Is it hard to wait drawn by your mongrel heart again?
If they don't answer would you want to be found out?
You duck through the wind in your old blight on the town

Love is turning you out, sliding worry round
I try to warn its waiting game to bring that scepter down

Would it be wrong to clamp down on your racing heart, love?
And if they'd known what sifted down to be found out?
It's not what you deserve

Love is turning you out, sliding worry round
I try to warn it's waiting game to bring that scepter down

Faster than you were going to allow, turn out the lights or say get out
If you don't answer would you want to be found, love?
Five days on trapped by a wave

Love is turning you out, sliding worry round
I try to warn this waiting game to bring that scepter down

Black corn was soaking, you'll be cut down in the seedy stairway
If you don't answer, would you want to be found now?
Sapped from the bed to the window

Looking back on that time, starting in the minds
What it is to be twenty nine, fame sets your life down
Would it be wrong, would it be wrong
To disappoint you now, disappoint you now?

Happy Halloween!

Jeremy Scott show... love the hair!

and make-up! <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

suit trend...

Last image by Verónika Pagán Diseñadora get yours soon! Layer it as a body suit and you will be ready for a jacuzzi in the middle of winter ;)

Roaming the globe o inspire you...

Check out this site:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Butterflies are Free

I saw this movie last night and I absolutely loved it! Goldie Hawn did an amazing job <3 she reminds me of how I used to be, I mean mentality wise... I never wanted to be tied down, the thought of it made me feel trapped and suffocated. In the movie, she has a neighbor who she has this light relationship with but through it their is a lot to learn. It really touched me, I cried! I def recommend this cute lil movie!!! :) Put it on your Netflix ASAP!

What are you...

Gona be for Halloween??!!!

Photo from a Jeremy Scott show through the Nylon mag app.

Friday, October 21, 2011