Friday, October 30, 2009

New awesome blog I found!

She is only 13yrs old!!!
She's a genius and I love her!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Katy Eary

Katy's a incredibly talented 25 year old British designer based out of London.
This is the best shit I've seen in a while!
The funny thing is I was wearing a gold skeleton mask I found all night last night at Vagabond. Junior Boys played and they are pretty amazin, I cant stop playing their "parallel lines" song. Halloween is next week and I still haven't made a final decision on my costume. Seeing this post on the Kanye blog has inspired me tremendously. I especially love the hairy t shirts!!!

Vogue Paris Nov 2009

love this shoot. love the body paint.

"Shut down"

What do you do when your dream is a pinata?
but it's made out of a bullet proof shield!
When your past is history and it's your 333rd time telling those who cared.
When your wall paper corners are curling and your limbs are unreal
The matinees are hungry for the corners in your heels.
The internet is speaking Asian and
you just fell down a hole
and your love is thin and slender forgetting what to look for
The ceiling crashes on your eyelids and your eye lashes do a pushup.
Cuz the smallest push you can give up is a lifetime, now I give up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Holy Mountain" directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Ok I saw this movie and it is a TOTAL VISUAL MASTERPIECE! went over a friends place to see this movie he had been waiting to watch... I said I would be more than glad to be the one he'd watch it with since I love weird shit! He warned me about it, but I insisted on being able to handle it and that I need some thought provoking and visually stimulating things in my life. Interestingly, John Lenon put money into the making... Turns out this ended up changing my life! If you can handle it, I recommend it. CULT MOVIES ROCK!


Dammit Sarah you beat me to it!!! haha So, I had this idea where I was originally inspired by what I saw happen in the window displays in Canada where they did each separate window in the department store on the coolest fashion blogs of the moment. I love window displays as the set to say something (or sell something) because you look there to receive some sort of visual stimulation or look to buy something. Its the stuff behind that glass with those lights that you look to, that calls for your attention... and they fight for it! and some do it better than others and some are tacky and you love it or they are high end amazing like the windows at Bergdorfs etc. The ART in displaying things! The mannequins with their sets that define an image, all those things that go together so well! Oh I just LOVE it and YOU DO TOO. The days of window shopping are here! Make us drool over the shoes with sets of art and lighting and whatever else to dazzle and let us dream since sadly no man is gona buy em for me, not even my daddy :( lol (economy is on my bad side) So anyway, This Sarah girl has created the most simple little wall where she sets things up on that same little wall and sells them! She now has other creatives design whats put on the wall for her in their own way, how clever! so that we all want to see the fabulous little things on her fabulous little wall bc they really are fucking fabulous. I just think she's the cutest. On the website you can click on her items on her original wall where you can buy them right there yourself allowing her wall to travel right to your bedroom. Sweet!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zebra World...

This performance art group is mighty inspirational. They were on set at Glasbury festival in London with Grace Jones. I'd like to see them at Burning Man festival next year.


While doing some research I came across these amazing interior idea pictures. I just love design and the mix of old and new. Here are some pretty clever ones... or just plain beautiful.

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney cartoon...

My friend Gregg shared this with me and I thought is was beautiful!

Friday, October 16, 2009


My dream is to live on a boat. I've lived in a few places throughout the world in my 25 yrs of age... and I've had thoughts of traveling and living on a boat for a time period to be something important on my list of things to do in life. These days you can work from your computer and I like the green movement of not needing too much but in essence I'd like to try being unattatched to society, to be able to pick up and go without the "pick-up"... just GO! I want to visit new places and docking at new harbors and riding your bike through unknown streets, meeting new people, a change of scenery seems enlightening. I'd even have kids while living on a boat, if it worked, I'd like to raise them myself while they are young in that sort of element. The ocean is so powerful and cleansing to the soul, I think I belong as close to it as I can get, ON IT! ha. If I were to try this I'd do a 6 month minimum and if I could do it for 3 years I would etc. I would cook and clean of course and I'd like enough money to go on long excursions to beautiful places where we could anchor and rent a car and travel on land, through villages, up mountains, taking pictures, exchanging thoughts, with a peace of mind.
The boat would have to be comfortable. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing something so risky by myself, I'd prefer to have a friend, a man friend but a friend. I like my space, Im so particular in ways that if I don't have enough space it would have to be a chemistry I've never yet known about. I'd have to have my hobbies like things I make or search for and I'd need my internet fix sort of office space. It wouldn't have to be first class because I'd feel more comfortable in a comfortable charming space. I am in no rush to make this right so I can wait til Im older perhaps retired or whatever. I just have this dream that I'd like to fulfill.

The gorgeous enormous boat is designed by Hermes.

Hair extensions please!...

I cant wait til Aura sees this...
she makes hair extensions and I want her to make ones like thiS!!!

Mario Testino's new book...

Mario De Janeiro Testino is only 27$! and has an essay written by supermodel Gisele Bundchen! brought to you by Taschen.

Tribal Brainstorm...

My friend Agata and I met in a Parsons summer program in Paris while we were in high-school. She was from Seattle and I was from Miami, the polar opposites on the North American map. We were roommates in a charming dorm near the Eiffel Tower where she'd be taking a course in Photography and I was studying Fashion Drawing. I had been there the year before to do a course in Drawing and Painting where I met some other excellent friends. Since then we have managed to stay in touch and actually visit each other in different parts all over the world. Florence, ITALY, London, ENGLAND, Madrid, SPAIN, New York City, Miami, USA, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, HOLLAND etc. She lived in India for some time and I tried to stay with her and volunteer in an orphanage but having to get the shots needed prior and classes starting and Monsoon time all got in the way. Every trip, we have always gotten really creative and taken lots and lots pictures. She was just here in Miami for a few days and I'd like to share the tribal shoot we did...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Silly Minnie...

Tavik swimwear is pictured here with Minnie Mouse ears!
I'm a fan.
This is me pictured exactly last year with a ping-pong paddle in my face at the first O.H.W.O.W. gallery exhibition by ROSTARR called Wreckless Abandon.

This Holloween we have an works up by NECKFACE complete with a haunted house and a skate ramp!
For more info...

Mo money mo problems?

or mo money = mo women = mo problems?