Thursday, March 31, 2011

if only u.

i am willing to look in ur eye, if

if only u.
i have done it all... been thru too much... i deserve birth to put be right anything that would be real... anthing... i mean u think these letters r enuf, ur crazy, no crazy, crazy.... crazy is just the funnnesest word i can think of and feel for now

nbc wow

did i just say nbc?
haha i looked up...

im breathing, like u

i try

i rather not type dwn, i rather just breathe... Camilo n Uma know.... its wierd, they give me A sad face.... i duno man...

and at night a moon...
tricked u there...

Post post post pst ... but what>???? im sorry for holding back but ive been thru tooo much!
too much!
im scared.
of what to say
of what i press
of what i see
of whAT

i had to take my ring off
i had to take a bbreatheee

i had to breathe again

a did

i am

so i am with Umma... not Uma, Umma... shes cool as fuck by the way....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


therefore, do I die?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Downtown, Miami Film Festival...

Paul and I after watching the premiere of "Magic City Memoirs"

Photo by Hugo Torres

Oh, Jennay...

Check out this friend Jenny's blog! We go way back! she's working for a sunglass brand in Italy based out of Rome! We like a lot of the same stuff! :)

and she showed me how to make some music!!!!

and have fun...

Story Telling...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tsunami vibe...
fight meaning have the courage to continue...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

back in town from SXSW...

Just got back in town from South by South West with Paul Isaac from "People from Venus"...
Austin is a cool town, they say its the 'capital of live music'!
I have been non-stop for these past days for the 'Interactive' and 'Film' part of the festival but missed the music part bc I was purely there to promote this project which crosses over into all of those mediums!!!!!!... but we thought we would get more out of the seminars and networking and promoting and finding ppl to back the new project than enjoying the lovely music :(
..jk its been a blast!!!!!

I am going to look thru all the notes i took, the contact cards i got, the free shit etc... anything I think would be cool to share here I will after I look thru the massive amount of stuff i got :)
it should be interesting!

I have a video to share with y'all...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

South by South West festival...

@SXSW putting up TAMBONATION stickers and learning and networking a lot... hope to meet a lot of new fans a followers and get this next project on the move... so for all of u from Austin TX or SXSW festival who have looked on here now... NICE TO MEET U! would love to learn more about u too so i can follow ur blog too and add me on Twitter- @Tambonation
Going to have lunch now with a friend who lives here in Austin whom I went to boarding school with in CT! We havent seen eachother since like 8th grade! haha Glad we were in touch through FB and now we can connect in real life so he can sow me the ropes here!
I will def be sharing everything I am going thru here and all... but for now I am updating really cool stuff constantly on TWITTER so COME WITH ME ON THIS RIDE 'ROUND AUSTIN TEXAS!!!! YEEEHAWWWW!!!! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


stop the wars! send your love out there! dont let anybody tell u otherwise! shield your LOVE from the fighters! and stay true to yourself always... REAL DEAL.

Lali Puna...

watch this! music by LALI PUNA... fav song so far is "move on" pretty

Move On

I’m gonna sleep fast
That tomorrow comes quick
Cause things
Move on
I’m gonna work fast
Cause tomorrow comes quick
We all
Move on
You’re just a small light
So useless under the sun
No one will recognize you shine
Try, try harder they say, try
Try, won’t you try harder they say, try
Try, try harder you say, try
Try, I will try harder you say, try

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I made this!

with love

Saturday, March 5, 2011

#4 on that cd!!!!!

how many times do i have to hit undo hit undo undo

to get to you

to follow through

to undress you

with light with light with light

i loose myself when i begin to pretend to pretend to pretend

try not to judge

its hard to budge

to undo my thoughts

with love with love with love

you know

by Paul Isaac

makes me wana go
keep going
not sure if the undo can be
be done, be done, be done,
done now

and I nod too i guess.

love #4 on that cd soo much!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


the environment is something we need to care for now more than ever and each second that goes by we are getting closer to loosing everything in life in fact... what should be an encouraging messages now is that what we dispose of, might seem like its dissapearing from our site... but in fact it does go "somewhere" and if we think of it and how it goes somewhere and that disposing means it just goes somewhere else to rot... that eventually the

laser light show we project into the Universe from our powerful planet needs ton realize that instead of wasting our energy FORCE we can hold it in and accumulate it for the future and to sprout BEAUTY.

That beauty will drive us, that it might be a battle to realize what we should focus on but that once we find out how silly we are to waste energy on the wrong things we will discover we are children. we should know by know,,,, we are slow learners, right? we need to bite our tongue a few times before we can contain. (bad example)

I wana clean.

I think ppl should know that even though consuming is a part of contributing to society, that u have choices in fact, what to consume, what to ingest, what to read, what to contribute towards, what to surround yourself with, why you spend your energy there over there instead of here with me... with the rest of whats important,whats truly important is

unknown to me for now...

u can and should dream and pls be as abstract as ud like but its all to make sense of later in some way that moves us, moves humanity, bc its just too easy to say nothing. though im good at that too...

saying what u feel can echo a sense of importance depending where the one in the "hot seat" is at that time in their life. maybe they can actually SEEEE something!


maybe baby

maybe we can be from planet Earth...

im off to Venus anyway...

til the next century in light years! forever.
the videos are out... the reality of ur self is now so real its puzzeling to . im surrounded by a big deal of gratitude. i owe u one. i am happy to be here to help anybody in fact.

i have to read a CHELSEA LATELY E book.
shes pretty real i guess .. i mean compared to all the fake out there...
i liked the outfit she just wore and then i appreciated the stringy style short hair w loose easyness lol. lol. omg. lol.

i have to write a proposal now... gotta go... sorry not so interesting this time oxoxo

wanaknow something...


u ....

the song that i think u deserve is a song u havent even heard yet.... i am crying to myself... tears r whatever u need yet u hav no idea... salty mess... ur two diff categories all of a sudden... i im not sure u realize... i am AWARE... of u... of who u think u r,,, of ur family, of mine, of who u fuckin..... what the fuck??????????????? stop ! no, seriously.... ur a fag.


ur a fag

faggetabout-it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!