Thursday, March 31, 2011

i have done it all... been thru too much... i deserve birth to put be right anything that would be real... anthing... i mean u think these letters r enuf, ur crazy, no crazy, crazy.... crazy is just the funnnesest word i can think of and feel for now

nbc wow

did i just say nbc?
haha i looked up...

im breathing, like u

i try

i rather not type dwn, i rather just breathe... Camilo n Uma know.... its wierd, they give me A sad face.... i duno man...

and at night a moon...
tricked u there...

Post post post pst ... but what>???? im sorry for holding back but ive been thru tooo much!
too much!
im scared.
of what to say
of what i press
of what i see
of whAT


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