Thursday, March 17, 2011

back in town from SXSW...

Just got back in town from South by South West with Paul Isaac from "People from Venus"...
Austin is a cool town, they say its the 'capital of live music'!
I have been non-stop for these past days for the 'Interactive' and 'Film' part of the festival but missed the music part bc I was purely there to promote this project which crosses over into all of those mediums!!!!!!... but we thought we would get more out of the seminars and networking and promoting and finding ppl to back the new project than enjoying the lovely music :(
..jk its been a blast!!!!!

I am going to look thru all the notes i took, the contact cards i got, the free shit etc... anything I think would be cool to share here I will after I look thru the massive amount of stuff i got :)
it should be interesting!

I have a video to share with y'all...

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