Tuesday, March 15, 2011

South by South West festival...

@SXSW putting up TAMBONATION stickers and learning and networking a lot... hope to meet a lot of new fans a followers and get this next project on the move... so for all of u from Austin TX or SXSW festival who have looked on here now... NICE TO MEET U! would love to learn more about u too so i can follow ur blog too and add me on Twitter- @Tambonation
Going to have lunch now with a friend who lives here in Austin whom I went to boarding school with in CT! We havent seen eachother since like 8th grade! haha Glad we were in touch through FB and now we can connect in real life so he can sow me the ropes here!
I will def be sharing everything I am going thru here and all... but for now I am updating really cool stuff constantly on TWITTER so COME WITH ME ON THIS RIDE 'ROUND AUSTIN TEXAS!!!! YEEEHAWWWW!!!! :)

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