Thursday, March 3, 2011


the environment is something we need to care for now more than ever and each second that goes by we are getting closer to loosing everything in life in fact... what should be an encouraging messages now is that what we dispose of, might seem like its dissapearing from our site... but in fact it does go "somewhere" and if we think of it and how it goes somewhere and that disposing means it just goes somewhere else to rot... that eventually the

laser light show we project into the Universe from our powerful planet needs ton realize that instead of wasting our energy FORCE we can hold it in and accumulate it for the future and to sprout BEAUTY.

That beauty will drive us, that it might be a battle to realize what we should focus on but that once we find out how silly we are to waste energy on the wrong things we will discover we are children. we should know by know,,,, we are slow learners, right? we need to bite our tongue a few times before we can contain. (bad example)

I wana clean.

I think ppl should know that even though consuming is a part of contributing to society, that u have choices in fact, what to consume, what to ingest, what to read, what to contribute towards, what to surround yourself with, why you spend your energy there over there instead of here with me... with the rest of whats important,whats truly important is

unknown to me for now...

u can and should dream and pls be as abstract as ud like but its all to make sense of later in some way that moves us, moves humanity, bc its just too easy to say nothing. though im good at that too...

saying what u feel can echo a sense of importance depending where the one in the "hot seat" is at that time in their life. maybe they can actually SEEEE something!


maybe baby

maybe we can be from planet Earth...

im off to Venus anyway...

til the next century in light years! forever.

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