Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My tattoo idea...

So I have been thinking of getting a dead dandelion tattoo for some time now, I like how you can blow on them and make a wish and having one blowing on my skin is like permanent wishful thinking. When I was in upstate New York I saw tons of them and thats really when I decided I wanted to do it. I think they are such pretty little wispy things yet they are simply a dead dandelion disintegrating and blowing into the air to become one with our Universe. It will be my biggest tat yet! the placement is the hardest decision for me... At first I thought my shoulder blade but now Im thinking the inside of my arm and blowing outwards. Also the stem and where its coming from is a hard choice to make. I want it done in grays and some green and the petals in white. Im really excited about it. Those are some other tattoos I like, I like the delicate feminine tattoo for me.

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  1. YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS i want one too , a dandelion like that........... Did u get one yet??

    x x x