Friday, November 20, 2015

Right on Time...

We Gota make life what we want it to be instead of sitting around complaining about it, we Gota get out there with the right attitude and make some of those dream changes! Motivated to make a new mark everyday is our chance! 
We all should study the stars, find things to knock off your bucket list every week, the world is your playground, the sky is the ever changing backdrop, the animals our friends, the other humans our brothers and sisters! 
Let's help one another, inspire each other, teach, reach out! 
Everyone can use a hug, a thoughtful text, a handwritten card, a bouquet of flowers can brings ten up any room. We can live in abundance if we share it and use our resources properly. Things can be just as we dream them up to be, our days all splendid, relaxing, progressive, and forgiving and all together balanced. Let's massage the message in tenderly when we need to communicate. We are here to change the world and every day is a new chance to start fresh ;) with love I am a believer and with softness and grace we can laugh at the past as we dance ourselves into the night as we connect and grow and shine we together are united, when we are ONE we know we won but only together can we get there bc like a missing puzzle piece we need each other to find peace. Like our finger prints a labyrinth of code. Wishing you a warm welcome, your right where you need to be. Love YOURSELF first then find yourself, we can't wait to see you shine your right on time. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harmony Eyes

The love is there it's everywhere, woven to infinity and beyond like this whole mind blowing endless vast of  _

We have to treat one another kindly, sincerely, open, and let...

Let the sky sun moon and stars tell remind u that everyday is this mystic blessing... 

The colors in watching a sunrise can cure depression I assure you! 

Listen to the right music and u will flow with loving grace and laughter... Just let go of whatever is holding u back from

Be love be in love with the process, the unraveling of nonsense is actually OK


If we want to be happy we must know that we are our own worst enemy.... And that you will feed it one drop of honey  and from then on... U will be cured.

It's all in your head

Make every step count and forgive yourself and others 
 that will bring u peace 

I'm just trying to harmonize the sounds....