Saturday, February 26, 2011


so its minty... n ppl chiiilllll... they eat cheesecake n croissants n toast their baguette, unnatural but toasty, burnt a bit means black, blackened... this is really happenin' take the oney n run.. radiohead ; "IDOPTEQUE" i have a lack of punctuation, therefore things r whatever i juggle n they happen to land in my hand... like that.. ppl crawl n beg n r tied dwn n tortured,,,, not bc they think its sexy... but bc things r a bit out of control in some way somewhere... ppl hide in caves n forget what the beach w a pina colada in my hand feels like, not bc they chose it. simply bc they r trapped perhaps, maybe the letter they pressed didnt come up. maybe they were climbing up a staircase n the step they stepped on at that time had a bomb~! exploded!!!!!! or ur ust so talented that when u drew a silly thing everyone thought it was exceptinal xcept u know inside that what u drew it retarded compared to what u could draw if u TRIED!!!!!! IF U TRIED U COULD REALLY ACTUALLY MAKE A MASTERPIECE BC IF U MADE THATTTT U COULD DO SO MUCH MORE N WHAT ISSS THATTT???? WHYYY DO U FEEL AT AULT FOR WINNING SOMETHING THAT U KNOPW U COULD DO SOOO MUCH BETTER!

bc ur right! bc u can always do better...

bc ur already there

bc u have talent.

n me telling u is not making u make better ART!

so just


then make something.

but pls do... for me, for u, or the sake of it...

if not dont ever read my blog again!

UR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Stay Beautiful!

I tried this new form of toothpaste that I thought was absolutely amazing! After you try this you will agree with me too!
Check this out and scroll down to see the picture results from this miraculous NATURAL BLACK TOOTHPASTE!
You dont even need a toothbrush! and you swallow the stuff after u brush ur teeth with your own tongue and saliva... it sounded odd at first to me too... but you really feel this working! your gums and teeth feel stronger and healthier!

and take a look at some of the other magical products listed to make you beautiful too!
go here and do it by your own body conditions...


do u need photos?

5 bedrooms
6 bathroom
600 MQ

200 MQ





ASKING PRICE = USD 6.500.000,00

Gold Player!

"you need to be respected... ur too brilliant... u've been thru all that stuff... dace n be wild... that guy said "come on put on a bikini, take a shot... not anymore, u need to be respected...

wgat i used to be is what all u other girls used to be...


the girls that r out there partying
...need to realize that instead of being out there having fun is a part of life... a moment that looses its fun ... it becomes not the same constant satisfaction it once was... "you will blow a fuse" ... it starts right back over... the beauty is, we are all in this together have the same results due to a chemical fact that once so long of this... this becomes THAT n that is not what i wanted when i asked for this... i said THIS not THAT.

I am not what I once was i have been where u are now, its a process and its ok. i am to be respected... as an artist, as a woman, for all mankind, for the world .

things change... sometimes we r hooked in... but when we get there u r already there its not what u were once before i am now me not what i they want me to be... sometimes i may feel like going down to the jacuzzi and putting my bikini on but when i say no Thanx is like silent power (stuart willde)... the power is so much brighter than anything i have seen... im not impressed by big mansions... the cinema room,,, especially clossets, the his and her bathrooms, i love, for real. i leave, i know, everything is in me, and what i am becoming is free...

(Paul went to go take a pee)


"Satisfaction comes from overcoming a challenge and earning the sense of accomplishment that results. When we don't feel challenged or feel any sense of having earned something, we move towards chaos. But when we earn, overcome, or change an aspect of ourselves for the better, we experience the heavenly energy of Light. I will be the cause from now on, i will no longer be the effect... im a mess, just as much as you are but lets all try, lets all try, lets all DO bc there is no TRY, only DO like Yoda says...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


"People From Venus" live interview

They will be at RockalParke in Colombia!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magical moments...

Went to Kabbalah class today... its every Tuesday night for an hour, with my boyfriend and even my Mom... working on our other project which has to do with finding "the light" from the darkness... which is where I've been if you have followed my blog for that long... its been a roller-coaster but we all have had our own individual ride which has taught us and led us to where we are now.

When I got home we edited more for the "Magic" movie and ordered pizza...

We asked my Dad for one of his songs for the soundtrack for a section of the short film, being a very humble guy it wasnt easy for him to think he had anything that would suit us... when in fact anything of his would in my opinon... hes such a poetic deep man.

I mentioned him the song he wrote for me on the piano when I was a little girl...

"oh its just a sonata" he said
like a piano excersise song, blah blah blah...

he agreed that hed practice it a bit before we recorded him

the story turned around and I fond myself on the piano with my father doing duets i hadnt played since I was maybe 5 yrs old when I played all the time with him... he made up some simple keys for me to practice and he would sit along side me and play something much more complicated...
sadly, it felt like a punishment those days to play the piano with him...

when i broke against my old memories and habits of letting the piano entirely go out of my life and actually sat back down with my dad those same simple songs came right back to me... and i know that it was a big deal for him to have me play them again... i didnt even want to get up! i wanted to play them over and over again and i even remembered one of them better than him! haha

amazingly because of Paul who brought me over to the piano and because of the Kabbalah approach im learning this was possible.

"breaking through our comfort-seeking selfish nature will lead us to true fulfillment." Living Kabbalah book

it was a magic moment in and of itself and now it will be a part of "Magic" isn't that magical?

I have just finished reading a chapter in my book which talked about "restriction"... where later they ask you to really examine what u really want from life... and as you read further u are digging deeper into yourself to find out what that truly is...

I have already written the first part somewhere but this is my second part and so in order for it not to get lost in my mess of papers and things I am choosing to rewrite it on here...

So what I really want from life...

of art & my interests to become a better artist, photography, discover deeper and deeper into my talens, pushing boundaries, always reinventing, a model for children, to learn to stay composed, always trying new things, to grow and share, learn to cook new meals always learning taking a class which interests me, to become the best I can be, a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother etc. Reaching out to others more, planning, creating, to find beauty in everything, to make my dreams and ideas come to life, to surround myself with interesting ppl who share back with me and that we can collaborate together, to give myself to art and find my place in it. to make money so i can live a beautiful life full of luxury, choices, joy and buy art. to find myself! to find others & help others & make the world a better place by recycling & sharing beauty & art.


Monday, February 21, 2011


I had a great day today... worked on my movie called "Magic" we are editing it and its already 10 mins long! i think it will end up being about 15-20 mins long... that's pretty long!!
Its my first real movie... like watching it get edited on Final Cut Pro type stuff n all, but its very low budget, i mean we shot it with an iphone! :)
Paul shot it mainly, we wrote it together and Hugo is who we are working with to get it edited, he graduated from UM's film program.

So anyway, we worked on editing as we do usually these days and later I had a dinner with Panda Paul's family at Houstons! It was his brother Ari and his gf Pixie, their Mom Yvette and the moms sister Alegra from Panama... we talked about UFO's and weird stuff as we usually do... lol

After that we went to Alegras house which was this lil cute spot in "the white house" i always wanted to know who lived in there! haha and later Yvettes and we all pitched in to help build a new IKEA table while 3 lil dogs ran around all us :)

When we left, as the two brothers and their gfs rode back south, home... we mentioned to Ari and Pixie where we usually stop on the way from "moms" house... its a hidden lil outdoor bar called "Lou's Beer Garden" where we eat this crazy spicy secret thing called "THE CURE"

We have it every Friday actually on the way back home from Shabbat dinner at Yvettes home over by Bal Harbour... a super cozy home with 3 dfferent types on windchimes in the side entrance, her 3 lil doggies Shanti, Dutch and Princess... she lives there with her youngest, 3rd son Steven. Shes very spiritual and always talks about the craziest stuff I have ever heard LOL all very spiritual and interesting yet STRANGE haha

As we raved about "THE CURE" and walked up to our regular Friday spot we sat at the bar and I ordered my regular "banana bread" beer from London... Paul orders a Pale Ale but he usually gets a "Father Theodore" stout...AND "THE MOTHER FUCKIN CURE"

BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time it was RED and usually its in fact GREEN!

-I eat it anyway.-

(OH by the way my back was killing me and Alegrita gave me an anti-inflammatory pill earlier!)


O boy

I run to the bathroom and try to puke!

they gave me tomatoes w salt and lime which they say is the "antidote" FUCK THAT SHIT! YEAH RIGHT! MY MOUTH WAS ON FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND MY INSIDES WERE BURNINGGGGGGGGGGGG I felt so so bad!!!!!

They gave me water with ice and even a glass of milk,,, still with that pill, the two sips of beer I should not have drank, the spiciest thing in the world...

and VOILA!

when we walked to the car... I PUKED more... like a water fall! not one but two long, constant water falls!!!! straight to the groud from my mouth shooting out at full speed in light pink w yellow... praying it wouldnt get on my Pink Adidas Silver line wedges!!!!!

and THANK GOD after everything came out I felt GREAT and smiled and in fact wanted to straight kiss my boyfriend hahahaha

I warned him that my breath wasn't so so bad as he opened my door to the car and instead of planting a smooch on him I asked him to smell my mouth and he said what a good boyfriend says and said "you never smell bad baby" hahahaha

I decided I wouldnt kiss him only cuz Ari and Pixie would probably think it was DISGUSTING! bc I would if I saw anybody do that in front of me after that Niagra Falls scenario...


I showered and im sitting here on Pauls bed writting on the laptop eating spaguetti... my delicious Houstons fish sandwich remains on the floor of a parking lot... but glad I am feeling much much better. UUUFFFFFF! never again.

PS after all this UFO talk at dinner... while watchin tv Paul says he "hates" commercials... then we suddenly see a trailer for a new movie about ALIENS called "PAUL" hahahahahahaha noooo fuckin way! LOL so cool!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

teach US how to LOVE.

bc its lovely to teach those u love the lovely things u lovingly love to share love love love...

im ok with it, if u r.

hello i know. hello i know and so do u. hello and so we look at eachother in the eyes and look n look n look n look. n look. n finally see.... what we looked for at least for sure, i mean, bc, we were looking... who's Rachel? LOL "she must be a hot tamale... oh hes so... so shaggy(???) ew lol no its this movie... THIS CANT GO ON... but where did u get it? everything is gona change i promise... champagne... champagne... "Haunted Honeymoon" is the movie''''' can u believe it? such a confusion when


laughter n sin, laughter n sin,
oh, what memories....
charming, charming.

u remind me of me... when i was a little girl.

"i know that one of u is a warewolf!"

just found him tho... got him pinned down to the bed... he cant move its pretty fuckin awesome.... i mean he knows i dont want him to so since its my bday maybe hes jsut not,,,, for me,,,, u knowwww,,,,, but idk.

im trying to figure it out too... but i love u

this is what IVE BEEN CRAAAVING! watch!!!!!!

Pyrite Cube 1/2"

pyrite cube
Pyrite Cube

Iron Pyrite meaning and properties

The resemblance of pyrite to gold has made it a traditional symbol for money and good luck. It's sunny golden color associates it with the sun, and with fortification and strengthening of the mind. The name comes from the Greek word meaning "a stone which strikes fire".

Iron Pyrite makes a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity from various sources. Some of its properties include:

* Overcomes inertia and feelings of inadequacy
* Energizes the area where you place it (such as on a desk where you work)
* Helps you to see behind a facade

Pyrite Suns

These delightful pyrite pieces contain golden rays in the shape of a rising sun! Pyrite suns were once thought to be fossilized sand dollars or lily pads.

Mineralogists now believe that they are pyrite crystals formed between layers of slate and coal that simply had no room to grow in the traditional cubes that one normally finds pyrite. Formed 350 million years ago deep in the coal mines of Illinois, USA, each is unique!
Healing with Iron Pyrite

Use this stone to overcome lethargy and fatigue. It increases the oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the circulatory system. It is beneficial for the lungs, alleviating bronchitis and asthma.


Amethyst Gemstone meaning

Crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac or mauve is called amethyst, a stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkeness and to instill a sober mind. The word amethyst comes from the Greek meaning "without drunkenness" and amethyst is beleived to protect one from poison.
Power Stone

It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams, or rub it across your forehead to offer relief from a headache.
Protection Stone

Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feelings. It has been worn as protection from self-deception, as well as a protection against witchcraft. The amethyst has long been used to open the spiritual and psychic centers, making it one of the power stones. It is also used as a meditation aid when worn as a necklace.
Wisdom Stone

The amethyst is known as the Bishop's Stone and is still worn by Catholic Bishops. The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. It is thought the amethyst is the perfect stone to symbolize The Age of Aquarius.
Healing properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone often worn by healers, as it has the power to focus energy. A healer will usually wear several pieces of jewelry with amethysts set in silver, especially an amethyst necklace. The person to be healed will have an Amethyst to hold while the healing is being done. The healer will place another piece of Amethyst on the area of the body in need of healing, the heart or lungs usually.

Amethyst is used for problems in the blood and in breathing problems. Amethyst crystal clusters are used to keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive.

Amethyst clusters, points or several tumbled Amethysts placed in a window that receives sun most of the day are very beneficial to use in healing and to heal negativity in the home. Place Amethyst clusters, points or several tumbled Amethysts in moonlight and everyone in the home will be feeling calmer. Using an Amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings. Amethyst helps overcome fears and cravings. It also helps relieve headaches.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A More Beautiful Heart...

Fairy Tales with fairies, no joke.

What's 222 mean again?
its worth the wait...
...have faith everything is gona be alright don't worry about anything as the situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved...

have fun.


that's an even more beautiful heart to me too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Sexy time! Dinner, wine, rose petals... Valentines is supposed to be FUN! its a special day to get creatively romantic... finally I have a boyfriend to share it with! <3 <3 <3...

Testing 1, 2, 3...


Its been dreamy!

Walked around downtown like a robotic soldier like the rest of the strange folks there, i even took the monorail for the first time... Bought sunflowers from a guy and they had a hell of a contrast with the escalators. Have been skimming the newspaper headlines and boy do we got problems.

My BFF is moving to a new apartment! So happy for her and her amazing kids that I LOVE so so much.

My Mom just got back from Spain where my Dad is but shes going to California for the weekend to my grandmothers sisters Birthday there which would have been really nice to go to


Monday is Valentines Day!


Tuesday is my Birthday!!!!!

This calls for a celebration :)

I want to go on a boat this weekend!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011


so many things have been created... so much is great and our preferred topic...

but we also have these phone chargers that are all different all this "gobalization" separating us... the companies themselves creating things for consumers to consume extra to keep things running... things that should instead be ELIMINATED.

THE ELIMINATION is what will bring us together, what will save us all time and money to get CLOSER to one another... soooooo SOOOO MUCH TO DISCOVERRRRR!!!! we are pathetic.

things will die faster as a result, anger will spread, competition will be evil, ppl will revolt... things wont be pretty... its OUR FAULT.

so what about having clean running water!

isnt that BEAUTIFUL? shouldnt we say thank u and protect that type of stuff???

should we be picky about how well done our stake is or should we get off our chairs and protect this planet and feed the hungry by having an organization that picks up our uneaten food and delivers it to the homeless shelters from the restaurants... do u know how much food that would be for the starving??? if they choose not to eat it then we can be more confident in letting it go to waste, right?

i hate to be a preacher... i mean, who am i?

but i wish things could be better... comes from a simple thought at first...

strawberry fields arent forever bc each plant needs love, the ripe strawberries are hopefully picked off or then u have bugs feeding off the rotting ones... no? hopefully
hopefully you like strawberries.

or if lots of ppl love em and u dont care for thm then... better for u, i guess.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Like...

It's like we are creating a world for ourselves...

...wake up to bed time...


(I wrote this all in a journal but I think its worth sharing)...

Out on the golf course to unwind and we discover a hill on a lake in a place that doesn't look wild whatsoever... its cleanly groomed hills of perfect green and little paths and little scattered flags we could not even see... we reached the most perfect hill by a lake where I envisioned Europeans enjoying as families on blankets and tanning as we would... a beach in the middle of their own town...

we rest on a red blanket and suddenly the sprinklers go off all round us!! We freak out at first but then soon realize that we are not even going to get wet!!

we laugh

and decide to stay

but then we also say that if they "will" reach us that we would enjoy it and then we could run together


We go from me feeling suddenly like UMA THURMAN to being approached for a "ballroom dance" Mozart on the iphone and all...

on a hill amoungst sprinkelers by a lake in the middle of Miami Beach

We later leave by getting lucky that they stopped.

When we catch a cab for sushi we are reminded by a painting which i mentioned where two people are dancing on a beach and their maids are holding up umbrellas for them as they danced,

another strange coincidence.

I walked the streets of Washington Ave holding up signs with pink hair n while wearing a tube top and small shorts it looked like i was walking naked "BROKEN DREAMS" "MADE OF LOVE" "ONE WAY" "THE CLOCK IS TICKING" "TOXIC"


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I I I I I... dont want to talk about myself as much anymore,,, Cairo is making me wana mummify myself into a past... took my insides out already, they are laying on the counter beside my torso... all the precious jewels will go with me into the next life after I am gently wrapped up tightly... they created a tomb where my body will rest inside of, finally a chance to rest that chaotic brain of mine... those sore limbs to rest... ive beat myself up in every single way possible.

The peace comes from within... my heart will sit in a jar next to one with my intestines... and my name and address and a short story... perhaps a simple symbol which envelopes it all. Nothing much to me right now... just a code for "others".

I wish it wasnt told so simply... I dont want everything I am to be told in a squiggle with a line through it... bc details are what moves me.

I am looking for something in these days... im trying to figure out what EXACTLY makes me tick... why i get upset , what upsets me , what is that moment that makes things change for me..

(PICTURE THIS- a beautiful woman with a swimmers cap and a 1960's one-piece bathing suit slowly gets into a clean swimming pool and swims a peaceful breast-stroke across the length of its rectangular shape... shes graceful... she swims by a dead dead body and pretends not to notice and turns around and pushes off on her way back towards the other side to pass the body again,,, the "dead body" is alive... wide eyed... maybe he didnt want to be noticed.)

Dont Push me.
Dont wait for me, go.
Dont ask me THAT.
Dont say THAT like THAT.
Dont u understand?

Dont wana be like that.

Dont want to lie.


Thats what Ive figured out in a few days, filled with lots of special moments.

Who whooo the fuck is Jack Herer?? LOL

"he's alive, he's holding his breath"