Friday, February 25, 2011

Gold Player!

"you need to be respected... ur too brilliant... u've been thru all that stuff... dace n be wild... that guy said "come on put on a bikini, take a shot... not anymore, u need to be respected...

wgat i used to be is what all u other girls used to be...


the girls that r out there partying
...need to realize that instead of being out there having fun is a part of life... a moment that looses its fun ... it becomes not the same constant satisfaction it once was... "you will blow a fuse" ... it starts right back over... the beauty is, we are all in this together have the same results due to a chemical fact that once so long of this... this becomes THAT n that is not what i wanted when i asked for this... i said THIS not THAT.

I am not what I once was i have been where u are now, its a process and its ok. i am to be respected... as an artist, as a woman, for all mankind, for the world .

things change... sometimes we r hooked in... but when we get there u r already there its not what u were once before i am now me not what i they want me to be... sometimes i may feel like going down to the jacuzzi and putting my bikini on but when i say no Thanx is like silent power (stuart willde)... the power is so much brighter than anything i have seen... im not impressed by big mansions... the cinema room,,, especially clossets, the his and her bathrooms, i love, for real. i leave, i know, everything is in me, and what i am becoming is free...

(Paul went to go take a pee)


"Satisfaction comes from overcoming a challenge and earning the sense of accomplishment that results. When we don't feel challenged or feel any sense of having earned something, we move towards chaos. But when we earn, overcome, or change an aspect of ourselves for the better, we experience the heavenly energy of Light. I will be the cause from now on, i will no longer be the effect... im a mess, just as much as you are but lets all try, lets all try, lets all DO bc there is no TRY, only DO like Yoda says...

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  1. Paul helped me write this... i tried to catch the words like a butterfly into a net... never looking back... so this was what came out LOL