Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I turned brunette today...

Jeanmarc did a drastic do as I requested... From blond to brunette I went in a matter of minutes! Excited to be taken more seriously. It's hard getting used to but what's important is that my boyfriend loves it ;)


The way I rig to be closer to you.
(selling all those clothes!)

Watch this video!

u wont wana stop! ;)

loving to follow this Blogger...

Elin Kling
@elinkling NYC


Now THIS is my fav blog so farrrr!!! so inspiring, invigorating, new, rad, fun, awesome and so so cool!

Enjoy this BLOG...

Model and fashion blogger Hanneli Mustaparta!
Cant wait to deeply eyeball it myself.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dr. Today

Went to the eye doctor and dentist today. With my brother and my mom. My brother is moving up to NYC with his girlfriend and I'm trying to move to California with Paul. That's why we are getting some important health attention. Roddy, my brother, has had LASIK so he's had his eyes corrected, I need glasses to see far, I'm thinking to try contacts. Roddy had a teeth cleaning less than 6 months ago but my last one was like 5yrs ago. Roddy had braces, I had a retainer for my top teeth bc I just wanted one... They never told me I needed it. Turns out I have to get all my cavities refilled (which I want done in tooth color anyway, instead of this horrible silver) and not only that but my wisdom teeth pulled out in a major surgery bc they are stuck in the gums and never even came out! Then the doctor says I would benefit from invisalign. What dentist and orthodontist did I have before? How could they not have noticed that my wisdom teeth are stuck in my gums! I saw it all myself today through an X-ray. They said that if i dont do this i could have major problems later and according to the x-ray, i can see that! I have to do my hair color and made an appt. with Jeanmarc for Tom. I noticed Roddy has a new watch. He also has two dogs now, a new puppy named Lula. He's also driving from Miami to NYC with his car, his gf and two dogs. They get to stop at all these cool placed like Washington DC for the 4th of July. I'm happy for him. I wish I could do that! I don't have a car, or a new watch, or a dog, or LASIK, or the opportunity to roadtrip to Cali. Gas prices are high, Paul is having financial issues to meet all the requirements to make the big move. Roddy just graduated from University of Miami so he gets the extra perks from my parents. I haven't graduated "yet" I took a break from school. I get called names bc I don't like to talk about politics. I am obligated to vote later today, Mayor of Miami. I just looked down and found a quarter heads up though ;) maybe I can keep looking down and find something else haha! It's 5:15pm today, another palindrome.... I've been writing them all down! For idk maybe two months now?? I can show u that too... Whatever that means. I have a boyfriend that loves me and I love him and we create amazing things together and he gives me attention and if he could we would be in Cali by now. ...Sitting outside the dentist office on Coral Way the traffic is retarded. Last night it was a gift to walk to the beach and feel the breeze and sound of the waves and just say "Thank you". I forgive my father and my mother means well but somehow I feel like I'm not the fav child. It's alright bc Roddy deserves it and I get lucky in other ways. Xoxoxox

Seeing Palindromes!

12:21 or 12:12

Can somebody pls tell me this means something??? I keep seeing Palindromes! It's not normal. It's like being a magnet for trends... I see it and then I keep seeing it everywhere.

Monday, June 27, 2011

candle lit rooms...

In the heat of the summer, I feel like relaxing and nothing sets a mood quite like candle lighting!... especially before all the fireworks ahead for the 4th and it does save electricity... grab an old bottle of wine stick a candle on top of it or try the green apples cut out with room for a tea tree light in it for a very fresh, day, spa feel. Get creative! I dont see why you cant paint and bedazzle your wine bottle since it will last longer than a biodegradable apple... Both are recycled choices for a candle holder ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Bloody Mary

I used to serve breakfast at this place before they had their liquor license. Now I'm back for a Saki Bloody! It's actually delish! Now I'm an expert, I've had em all! A vodka bloody, a Michelada which is a bloody w beer instead and now a Saki Bloody! They are all really surprisingly good! So, still looking for the BEST BLOODY MARY bc I think I make the bestest one but so far the winner for a vodka one is Free Spirits bar on South Beach by the Days Inn, best Michelada is at Tacontento, and beat Saki Bloody is Morgans in Wynwood.
Yum! Xoxox

Welcome to TAMBONATION...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Moments to Cherish...


sold at Colette Paris.

More of the realism photo print on a bag. They need to create a place or site where we can make these with our own pictures! Bags, T-shirts, temporary tattoos, wall paper, shower curtains, plates, cups, place mats, table cloth, upholster my couch!
Give us our freedom!!!!

Trend Forecasting...

"But trendy neighborhoods are constantly shifting today. Trend spotters now attend rock music festivals in Denmark and Scotland, and trek off to Colombia, Brazil and Istanbul. Barbara Fields, who runs her own trend-spotting firm, travels monthly to the streets of London, Barcelona, Tokyo or Seoul, and says lately one of her best tactics has been taking photos of young people on the streets of the Harajuku district in Tokyo."

Read more: Spotting the Next Hoodie - Professional Trendhunters - the Fashion Spot

This was an old post but its good to read about "Fashion Forecasting" any moment I can. I am looking for agencies out in LA I can work for. WGSN, Doneger... I see myself doing that! I gota figure this out... if you have any connections or help pls get back to me! <3

US West Coast
E. 9th St Suite C1137
Los Angeles, CA 90079
Tel:+1 (213) 226-1600
Fax:+1 (323) 446-7406

Here are the world's main trend companies

- Trend Union (Europe)
- Nelly Rodi (France)
- Peclers (France)
- Global Colour Research (UK)
- BrainReserve (USA)

-The most esteemed are Trend Union's Li Edelkoort and Faith Popcorn of BrainReserve, being known to have the highest success in prediction

Luttifi Madjid - Fashion Forecasts for Nordstrom

TRENDSTOP.COM (online trend book) - "where we have a team of researchers, analysts and writers that sorts through global trend research. Our research is provided by a worldwide network of trend hunters based in key cities around the world, including London, New York, L.A., Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona and Moscow."

In one week they might do this;
"This week we've been to Milan Fashion Week, Premiere Vision fabric show in Paris, Colette (the coolest store in Europe), pop concerts of Gwen Stefani and Prince, the Green is the New Black launch in Hoxton, Doors and Concrete off Carnaby St and some vintage stores in Brighton."

"We also encourage young groundbreaking designers to subscribe as we know that our service can aid them. After three seasons a young designer loses their new status and needs to hit trends in shape, color or detail, in combination with their signature look to attract a wider range of buyers and press enabling further growth."


B 'n' B

With my baby...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

PHOTO by Paul

By Paul Isaac

Styling on Saturday night

Photo, makeup & styling by Paul Isaac.
Makeup inspired on a butterfly.
After makeup shopping on Lincoln Rd.
This is what we did after seeing "The Tree of Life" a fabulous film about so much out in the Universe showing how silly our problems are in the big picture...and so much more it's hard to really say. It had a similar message as the short film we made called "Ball of Love". Truly inspiring and paints a truthful picture of the cycle of life. After some Micheladas and a bite to eat at Tacontento I got an itch to go out but instead Paul, like a good boyfriend said he would do my makeup and take pictures of me since it's my ultimate fav thing to do! Now I'm so exhausted in bed and retouching all the photos in bed with my phone. We do retouching wars of who can make the best picture out of the original! It's so fun!! I will share with you all the pics when I download them onto my computer. Right now we are going to watch a movie called "Microcosmos" about insects where they used miniature cameras to film the wonderful little creatures.

All our love to your joy and creativity... Pls share back any thoughts or art work with me ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Polyvore "Super Woman"...

Styling by Tammy & Paul

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wow... Dress...

Does anybody know who this dress is by? I'm in love and so inspired by its cut! The surprising slit from the collarbone to the navel-like area are to die for. The dress is stunning and so strong!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My First Attempt at POLYVORE!

Have really enjoyed scanning the pages posted on Polyvore for months now... Some great ideas for styling and products are placed so neatly depending on everyones particular style! Its a great site to try and really super easy if you like to pretend shop and put things together! I still dont know how come of those girls do it... they are pro's at making little inspiring sets of outfits like a page in a magazine! I gave it a shot finally just now and it was really fun to click around and get familiar with the program! Its like a mini photoshop, a dream for any girl who wants to have her own fashion magazine :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organize Your Necklaces, Bags & Things!

My Astrologer told me I would be very organized one day... well, I cant wait... for now I can only plan and dream up what ideas I love and keep track of them on my blog so that I can come back to them once I have moved into a proper apartment or new home. I really hate it when everything gets messy and tangled or broken or simply when I cant find something! When you own too may things like I have in the past, you don't even know what you have... so when you cant see it its a shame bc sometimes you forget you even have it! These are really super duper cool ways to get creative with how you organize some of your stuff! And trust me I'll keep looking for more ideas on this sort of stuff :) ...(pictured I love the upside down hanging rake for hooks for dangling necklaces or the thread spools mounted on a wall, Coca Cola bottles for neat bracelet holders, Bread closures labeled to know which plug is which, Bags can get piled on a shelf... with hooks instead of hangers they can hang appropriately and you can see them all!)

DIY Shower Curtain Rings!!

Instead of shower curtain rings use ribbon! Love this idea!! Aww...

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers!

DIY Colorful Vases!

Blogger WTF?

Read this article about Forever21 threatning to sew a blogger!

then check out the bloggers site!...

This is very very interesting.

What do you think??


Veggie Art Stamp!!

Tall Painting video... so much fun...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Platform Shoes...

Lovin' these giant platform sandals for summer! Showing lots of leg or w flowy floral dresses, you name it! If u know where I can get them, I'd love to get me a pair!!

More Nail Art...

How To:
1. put on nail polish and let dry. 2. dip fingernail in alcohol-basically any will do, vodka is suggested. 3. press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail. 4. pull off slojjwly and be really impressed with yourself. 5. paint top coat if desired.

Ck One SHOCK...

Just worked the new events for the perfume launch of CKone SHOCK where we made STK at the Gansevoort in Miami Beach into a glow in the dark grafitti dungeoun! Totally underground and raw with a photobooth installation, a pre-fix dinner including dry ice and shot glasses made of ice. We hired artists to paint on the models solely with jeans on and knock on clients doors at the hotel with invitations with invisible ink requests per our 'secret' party. Take a look at what we turned the upstairs of STK Restaurant into...

Paul and I...

My boyfriend Paul and I... while hes on the computer and I do circles in a chair.... ;)