Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm thinking about sad things while I stay awake trying to sleep... My mind racing... I have certain senarios that replay in my head over and over at these times. Looking for who to blame and then I cry bc I only blame myself for everything. I don't want to ever lose anything else but I know things will always come and go. I'm not a happy girl tonight. I like to sleep like a spread eagle and I haven't been able to do that since I got a boyfriend. I dream a lot. I'm realistic too though. I'd like to have some interesting experiences in my life and I know I will. I'm not afraid anymore of the big bad wolf... I've never felt like I've needed less. Yet, my dreams are full of lavish outdoor places. The colors are crisp and pop with lots of turquoise and white and hints of sorbets here and there. Open mouthed laughs and rows of white teeth. Hair that moves. Brains are active. I see us on a wooden deck overlooking the Ocean and mountains not far. You can walk barefoot because nothing will hurt u or make your feet dirty. Sunshine tingles the skin. You don't have a worry. You don't need a thing. U want to do things the old fashioned way, maybe write a letter but just because a stamp is in his top drawer not bc you made any effort. Everything is pure, never too much of anything either. Everything is just enough, your never drunk, just happy. You talk about the most marvelous things! You share your home with many. Everyone is home there. It's a fire at night and snuggled up with blankets. It's a steam room when you feel necessary. It's a yogurt and a run with your high pony tail. It always smells good. It's always perfect temperature. It's full of details. It's simply eclectic. Never ending games, never a dull moment, always more to learn, always more to exhilarate, always time, always finding new things to do, ways to make new friends, to lend a hand, to smile and say thank u for. No dust, no insects in your way, no fights, no time for any of that. No time to cry and definitely time to rest. Time to look my best. Time to myself, time to create, everything is organized. Anything is possible, everyone believes in you, you make things happen, you inspire, you are real, you exist, you are glowing. Your surroundings get better and better, the more you understand about life the more you want to give to others. You have a lot of privacy. You balance your time correctly. You share with the right people. You are right. You are me. I love you. We are one. We want love.


  1. Hi,

    I've used one of your red riding hood pictures with a post on my blog. It's linked and all. Please notify me if you disagree


  2. dont see the link... ??? its hard to understand anyway :)

  3. yep, that's the one :)

    different language...THANKS!

  4. So awesome cool! Thanks for notify xo