Monday, June 20, 2011

Trend Forecasting...

"But trendy neighborhoods are constantly shifting today. Trend spotters now attend rock music festivals in Denmark and Scotland, and trek off to Colombia, Brazil and Istanbul. Barbara Fields, who runs her own trend-spotting firm, travels monthly to the streets of London, Barcelona, Tokyo or Seoul, and says lately one of her best tactics has been taking photos of young people on the streets of the Harajuku district in Tokyo."

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This was an old post but its good to read about "Fashion Forecasting" any moment I can. I am looking for agencies out in LA I can work for. WGSN, Doneger... I see myself doing that! I gota figure this out... if you have any connections or help pls get back to me! <3

US West Coast
E. 9th St Suite C1137
Los Angeles, CA 90079
Tel:+1 (213) 226-1600
Fax:+1 (323) 446-7406

Here are the world's main trend companies

- Trend Union (Europe)
- Nelly Rodi (France)
- Peclers (France)
- Global Colour Research (UK)
- BrainReserve (USA)

-The most esteemed are Trend Union's Li Edelkoort and Faith Popcorn of BrainReserve, being known to have the highest success in prediction

Luttifi Madjid - Fashion Forecasts for Nordstrom

TRENDSTOP.COM (online trend book) - "where we have a team of researchers, analysts and writers that sorts through global trend research. Our research is provided by a worldwide network of trend hunters based in key cities around the world, including London, New York, L.A., Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona and Moscow."

In one week they might do this;
"This week we've been to Milan Fashion Week, Premiere Vision fabric show in Paris, Colette (the coolest store in Europe), pop concerts of Gwen Stefani and Prince, the Green is the New Black launch in Hoxton, Doors and Concrete off Carnaby St and some vintage stores in Brighton."

"We also encourage young groundbreaking designers to subscribe as we know that our service can aid them. After three seasons a young designer loses their new status and needs to hit trends in shape, color or detail, in combination with their signature look to attract a wider range of buyers and press enabling further growth."


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