Friday, March 30, 2012

Collar TREND...

I found a site which sells basically bibs with a collar included so you can layer into your ensemble with out the mess of layers in the long sleeved shirt! So you can stay on trend and chic but with comfort and ease... its like wearing a necklace all you need to do is wear your tank under and then layer a sweater on top and you can still put a necklace on top of the collar to be even more trendy.

take a look at this site...


Friday, March 23, 2012

The ppl that can analyze this all r doing that intentionally.. U know..

Ppl say "you know" now repetitively.... It's a trend.

It's interesting bc we all ready do kinda know what the other one is talking about especially when somebody shares with another and it's got an "umph" behind it... So the energy behind it comes out... Yes the whole thing becomes understandable lol.

Miami has been worth my min... Sometimes it just deserves a chance! Ppl r so in and out that it's worthless cuz they never even had a shot... No idea what I'm talking about.
No idea.
Jk idea.
My phone charging on the table is too far of a stretch but it's buzzing off the hook!
I hope everybody is ok. Lol
That sounds familiar too :)

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Monday, March 19, 2012


Fringe obsessed!
I bought the white fringe top at Ann Taylor! There is Kate Hudson wearing it her way with a skinny belt! :)
I am loving this yellow neon bathing suit with fringe too... #want


Spring is here and so it might bring some rain so the flowers can begin to grow... this raincoat is so amazing!
its printed lace and comes in bright pink or a pastel green which I think is so nice, it also comes in a very wearable blue and white... such a great raincoat to make a a rainy day so cheerful!

'Free People' Inspiration...

A dose of Color for everywhere...

"We love neon for the face and hair as well! Lately we’ve been really into Mac Pigments – they are loose powders that can be used as eyeshadow, lip tint, or even in the hair – like we did for our February lookbook. The powder contains ingredients that help it adhere to the skin, and for hair, we used a makeup brush to apply it to Martha’s hair – if the hair has some product in it, it absorbs the powder and helps it stay.

More from Free People:"

Cant wait to try this!!!!

Leaves left on a rock...

How pretty are these – she simply put the leaves on the stone, covered with a layer of cheese cloth, and hammered them!

More from Free People:

its all about the small details and I could try this and use some for my table on my balcony :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kids are so incredible to me... The thought of me as a child is so pretty, we r all children in the end always learning never knowing everything.
We have created a place and a way... Like a platform to conform to..
I have thoughts of getting rid of this blog and not speaking my mind anymore bc for some reason it just comes back around and ppl don't care to understand. Judgements just happen and unmistakably deconstruct to create another reality. I'm in love with running somewhere far and that can happen with a simple thought too.
I don't want to be misunderstood anymore and most things I say are just fluffy but I don't do it for any real reason but to practice my writing and speak my mind.
It's dark in my room except my glowing iPad tablet on my lap.
Roxy is at the foot of the bed and I can hear her breathe and the air conditioner hum and cars ride by behinds my head.
This has been a terrible week but I have a lot to be happy about too..
Lots of things are so much pressure and I feel like a kid when I'm humble enough to admit it.
I have this strong character but I'm also sweet and naive and we all make mistakes. My mistakes make a ball in my chest and if I dwell I sink from their weight.
All I want to be is a loyal, loving mother to my puppy.
This week is busy, I can't wait to try again...
Everyday is a new day! I pray for strength to keep in line on track as I carefully balance on this tight rope. Who would have known life would be so difficult and full of obstacles, it's just one thing at a time but I want to be walking faster and not even have to think that I'm walking just looking way far away at the end, like ballet, like a melody that never gets boring.
Pretty thoughts, smiling happy easy breezy
I have to do things I don't want to do, we all do, I wish I didn't!
I am so happy for those with luck and positive personalities bc things just flow so much better. Sometimes I don't like my own thoughts.
I don't know if it's me or If I'm just being silly crazy
Ppl told me I shouldn't speak my mind anymore and it's probably true.
Somebody else told me that they care and they like reading what I have to say cuz they care and it matters to them. I just like to write.
Even when I don't have anything to write I come here and try to say anything.
It's helped me somehow, but this doesn't and shouldn't reflect my professionalism in my career... That's your judgement.
I was trying to explain to somebody how the times I come on here to write are usually times when I'm bored or maybe even sad or just a plain love affair w my computer
The moments when I'm awesome or happy I'm entertained and I don't come here to share all of those times... Happy times aren't times for me to want to write about as much as feelings I'm having that I'm trying to unfold.
I don't have a shrink like many do I use this time to talk to myself and so it's like my living journal.
These are all private stupid thoughts that go through my head without filtering through them at all.
I just like it.
Ppl blog about something much more focused. They say to pick a topic like blog about cooking or fashion or politics lol
I love fashion and that's what I do but I don't want to only write about fashion, fashion to me is so empty.. I am searching for something to say out of the nothing and honestly perhaps just as empty in the end!
Back to being young or raising the young I saw this baby w a huge smile playing in the pool and later his mom was pushing him around in his stroller while he had his bottle of milk it's a really crazy thing to think of having one or two and its always that same process, our mother did it for us and so on...
It's really beautiful and I just wanted to share that.


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Poem vent

Have to write something that makes sense this time.
Have to say that I've found a jewel on Earth. Have to honor it.
When u find that thing u want to capture it, so u try, so u try.
It just means it was attractive
U have so much more to do though
So much more to do though
So just do that so its done then
So u can capture that thing u found
With nothing in your way
Let Nothing prevent
That from going away.
I hold u in my palm
If u don't want to stay just go away..
Just go away

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is my problem... and solution...

Part of learning not to lean is to get control of your dialogue. Most people talk too much, and what they do say is often just noise or irrelevant gibberish designed to keep themselves entertained. One of the keys to silent power is to control your need to talk. The rules of this consolidation are as follows. Make it a discipline not to discuss your personal details with others. Develop mystery, silence, and a secrecy about your life. Don’t allow people to know your deep, innermost self. Sure, you may have a friend you want to discuss things with from time to time. But, generally speaking, don’t talk about yourself. If you have to, do so only in general ways.

The Tao says, “Those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know.” It goes on to say that once one has achieved self-control, “the mysterious leveling,” a perception of the Infinite Self follows—whereupon life is not limited by your talking or by your need to define it, and you, in turn, are free of its definitions. Eternal. The Tao talks of this process of self-control: “. . . This is called the mysterious leveling. He who has achieved it cannot either be drawn into friendship or repelled, Cannot be benefited, cannot be harmed, Cannot be raised up or humbled,

Wilde, Stuart (2005-03-01). Silent Power (p. 25). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Wilde, Stuart (2005-03-01). Silent Power (p. 23). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is it all over my face?

I'm in love dancin'

What about those ppl that left one another. What about the ones that protect themselves? What about all that u forgot? Where did it go? Where were u when it left. I like this kinda talk. I like rhythms that are consecutive and then trick each other. Like skip a heart beat for the thrill. And then surprise me. And then I sit and sink into a gooey elevator speed from the floor u were on to about negative 12 and stop.

Started writing here and when I leave it goes away... I'm a multitasker n this app ain't cutting it. As if I need 35 posts in one night, each thought, that's what twitter is for. O.

What the F r u gona do about it? NOTHIN'.... I'm a hustler baby, that's what my daddy's made me....

Still Junior Boy is my jam.

Gotta leave u for now.

Let it loose a bit.

I love every good song, how could u not. Some songs are just songs and other ones move me. What about u? What do u do? I pretend like its ok OK. To act like this... This alter ego of mine. I like to let it loose a bit.

It&apos;s weird here... But this is home...

Inspiration... Color mostly. <333}}}}}}}}}}}

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i'm just messing around...

My fav thing to do is go in circles in a chair.
but thats bc i hear the sounds in a strange pattern rythm that slowy slows down as the chair diminises its cirular rythm. the movement fades and then i just sit there after w a spinny head and just take it all in... even in sience it works.

its a feeling.
a crazy feeling.
a crazy feeling.

its a miracle we can expresss ourselves through typing down on a butten for each letter than has an explanation and becomes a meaning.

think about Stevie Wonder for a while...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012