Monday, March 19, 2012


Fringe obsessed!
I bought the white fringe top at Ann Taylor! There is Kate Hudson wearing it her way with a skinny belt! :)
I am loving this yellow neon bathing suit with fringe too... #want


  1. Is that bikini from Free People? I want!! Also do you rememeber those 1 pieces you had up in wells? where did U get em? I want those too !!

  2. That bikini IS from Free PPL and I want it too! What one piece bathing suit? Was it purple kinda w a low V-neck w ruffles like a halter top? That one I got in Spain, it's designer. I saw some more fringe bathing suits at Forever 21 btw. And LIz text me anytime! Ur awesome! I should be on your speed dial for fashions sake ;) xoxox TAMBO