Monday, January 30, 2012

My fashion styling for a catalog...

Photography: Don Sercer
Styling by Tammy Diaz

Just sharing :)

Made these collages on an app which makes the photos look really cool after I use Instagram :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creating my persona of the hour...


Styling a life...

Been slacking on my blog... busy editing videos and pics from shoots and pulling clothes and need to go grocery shopping Pretty Bad SOON Lol... having a cup a noodles as we speak... yea so BAD i know it has like 260 calories and 13 grams of fat! THATS SO MUCH! more than Ramen Noodles by Far..
Oh so been all Instagraming now... Lol... yea took a min to understand the thing and its cool... now I never go on FB anymore.
I looked at my old Myspace page and that was WEIRD and now I Need to go in and do a nice EDIT the past clean swep to just make me feel better but I've tried w Profile pics and its like I cant lol.
Just watched "What Miami Girls & Guys Say" and that was pretty funny, I laughed out loud but I forgot exactly which part... "Tiki tiki tiki, i cant".

Went to the Kabbalah Center here in Beverly Hills with Paul on Friday night for my first Shabbat dinner... well besides the ones at his moms house every Friday when we lived in Miami.. now since we have been here in LA I always forget or we are swamped with work and it something I'm supposed to light candles and prepare a meal at home but comes Friday and i just want to chill and be spontaneous... IDK.

So was going to style Jasmine Ash for a shoot this Friday but it got pushed bcak and now they want to book it the week I plan on being in Vegas for Magic! I told them before I got the job that I would be away that week and now it seems like thats when they want to do it and they want me to just prepare for them some solid looks for them to shoot... I have always thought of myself to be there for the press pics photoshoot and making sure things look right instead of just passing over my responsibility of the clothing I may be pulling from wherever or at least maybe even some of my clothes that I dont wear anymore but have kept bc they make perect things to play with style wise like eclectic vintage dresses and tops that are expensive! and maybe even delicate. Every time I have been faced with something like this where I give the clothes I should be handling over to some one else I get slapped in the face w a sorry or an excuse for how something happened to something or something dissapeared or watever... it happened last week at a shoot where the client wanted to carry some accessories from the car where I was with all the things for a shoot and walk the next look over to the model and guess what? an earing is gone! who knows where? in the sand... dug up in there somewhere... SO ANNOYING! i hate losing stuff, I try to be sooo organized and my job entails me to do so and to keep track of so much shit that is constantly being shifted into different piles for different reasons.

Its a labor intensive situationa and NO i do not have an assistant and im scared who will be one day bc I have to have another person to rely on doing things right... I myslef, know, when i do things right and I can be assured of that!

Today I spent all day inside editing and making a video of an intimate wear line with an Old Hollywood theme which Im VERY PROUD of how it came out!! :)

We have to make a flyer of all the work thats come out of me being here to take to Magic and promote ourselves and I read this morning that I would make an excellent Promoter LOL bc -my rising sign is in LEO (and so is my moon, and my Sun sign is in AQUARIUS.) Paul's sun sing in LEO moon is in Sagitarius and rising is in Aqurius...
I have to read about his moon at some point ;)
I love all that stuff so much lol

Well, I think Ive said enough for now...

I plan on sharing about my RAW FOOD WITHOUT COOKING CLASS im doing Monday night at Soho House LA excited Paul is coming too lol i hope its not all weird women LOLOL

Tambo xxx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I heard about the solar flares... I heard Obamas Tweets and I believe we pretty much all mean well... Sometimes more for ourselves, that's the problem. I say hi to someone I admire and might not have much to say bc I'm waiting for them to tell ME something and then they don't n gotta go all quick and talk to somebody else who they can benefit from. LOL. they r a bunch of assholes out there lol, no doubt... I look at things, I try to stay positive, I try to beat the DRAGON instead of be the dragon... The Dragon is just a big stupid fictional animal TO BEAT anyway! Wtf is a Dragon doing here!???!??? Hello no dragons allowed. Baby dragons r on their way w some sharp tongues I heard and I have two or 3 babies just born in my own hallway! Prob no more than 10 apts each floor here so 3/10 new baby dragons :)
I'm a RAT.
I rat u out if u deserve it u might be thinking but it's more like a super hardworking survivor...
I bet u never thought that of me.
I'm interested in everyone and what animal they are and what that means bc I think being a rat is just as embarrassing as being a pig or a boar or a hen or a cock!
And who would ever wana be a snake?
Well, who would ever wana be a rat ESP when u know their is a snake around Lol.
I'm rambling
So yea some solar flares r supposed to hit the Earth tomorrow and today during work I heard planes couldn't land correctly and that the Internet was down etc.
I just wish we had more hours in a day.
The nights go by too fast I don't sleep enough and the days r nothing! An hour is like what 20mins was to me 10 yrs ago.
I'm trying to think what else...
I dont want to talk or sound superficial but it's perhaps the most fun thing to talk about...
Bubble Tea came to mind
I'm really into it and Tom I have to be at wrk at 7:30am idk how but HOWEVER & no tea avail @ that time!
1:41am now (LA)
This week has to be banged out amazing bc I have to book MAGIC and Vegas in Feb and that happens to land on my bday and Valentines Day.
I have to do something cute for Paul but I've been helping him out when he needs it and we need so many things since we have started out over here together and it's been TOUGH!!! everybody is like a sales person so they try to get a deal and we r in re middle of growing, our careers r just about to bloom and can take on so many directions! Paul is an angel bc he's been helping everyone while being out here thus far and not working on himself, his music, his creativity, his writing, poetry, ideas, MUSIC is his passion. I don't blame anybody else but himself but he's been trying to juggle a real life of paying rent and bills and working when he had a life of music when he was young and signed and getting better royalties etc to eat pay live and I'm not sure but def getting by...
I'm happy cuz my stuff is styling and it just so happens to be going and picking up and landing on my lap a bit more than #music of course (to me that industry doesn't even exist :( )
I need to save cash, I need to be on my own and happy financially and I'm getting there but when I have a guy w me that's needing help every now and then to keep up then I never end up saving, do I? No. I am sorta done w that wo even having told him yet... He's fucking sleeping right next to me!!! ...
I want to go to MAGIC in Vegas but that's work that lands on my bday!
I really want to go to Hawaii and I really want to go to Burning Man this year again w Paul and I hope he doesn't do the same thing as last year to me :(
I will be so done omg!
He made me go alone!!! & I did!!!!
Not cool.
I want to do so many things...
Not that many actually..
Just really focused things..
I want my own place and that's my DREAM PROJECT for this year.

Happy New Year of the Dragon!


May all ur wishes come true!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friends in town!

Wig party at TAMBO's...

New App...


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Garbanzo quinoa indian style

one cup of quinoa that u fry w a table or two spoonfulls of olive or vegetable oil w nuts like almonds no skin and cut but this time i opted for sesame seeds to be daring

add one and half cups of water after its golden.

one vegetable bullion

one little carton of raisin snacks

cut the tofu into chunks and stir

wait 10 mins water absobs on simmer and closed.

one table spoon of chopped or minced garlic, tyme, bay leaf if possible, some ginger, maybe chopped olives

spicy sauce, more soy sauce for flavor if desired.

one can of garbanzo beans

mix on med heat all the spices and 'banzos.

serve will still be a good cold snack

excellent flavor, source of fiber, healthy lightweight snack anytime great with hummus and toasted pita

have fun w it, make it your own! share!



A day and a night is all you need in this life

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My fashion styling!...

photographer; Don Sercer
stylist; Tammy Diaz
for Ci Sono clothing

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lov3 this dress...

So organic... like a conch shell, the color is so smooth and clear and light. Its got amazing structure yet its a simple fluid line.
Obviously inspired in nature and perhaps the sea this dress is truly spectacular.

A Single Thread...

Fashion Girls, this is for you...

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm in awe about so many things
I knew life was funny but its actually hilarious

Today so many things happened I just cant even remember right now bc its so INSANE OK YES OK INSANE

Right now im finally on the computer and im watching a robot woman in Pleasantville or whatever movie throw an electronic impulse fit.

I got towed today, I saw the tow truck take off up the street on our way that way... up the road, on La Brea actually lol bc we were talking and enjoying our time and connecting with a guy at his crazy furnitre/prop store on the corner of 1st and La Brea... it was a def spot to stop at and the place is full of Ronald McDonald heads, Life sized dinasoars, an enormous Micheal Jackson hand... just cuz, u know, your a Micheal Jackson fan and your tacky like that, idk!
its called Nick Metropolis the king collectable furniture. 100 so. la brea la ca 90036

-love is all there is-

car got towed
the casette tape box we found at that place was epic
the tow truck miraculously came back
we got a message from an angel
and i made carrot soup and i ate a brownie u can only have in california


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dunce Hat...

In the olden days we would punish a kid at school by putting a Dunce hat on them and make them sit in the corner by embarrassing them as if that taught them anything they need to know in life. Funny to think that same shape is used in a party hat to celebrate a birthday and a witch costume too, I have no idea why, all I know is we don't punish kids at school with a Dunce hat anymore and I'm just reminding us how silly it once was. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Noticeable sunglasses like these two with sort of a turtle shell design.

Ones worn by model are by JITROIS 279 pounds UK.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


We are all dying for friends and followers w facebook and twitter and yet are so out of touch not finding the time to socialize regularly enough bc we work 12 hour days or we can't find the time, bc we spend so much of it on social sites maybe? I'm not talking about myself... But I did fall in love w friendship bracelets all over again...
They r back! My arm is full of them!

I bought 12 for 4$, shown.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Recipe... cacus splinters & a 2012 despojo!

1. a can of garbanzo beans

2.lots of greens... i used Romaine and chredded carrot mix w even a package of Spinach that were both on sale for 2 for 4$

3. toasty italian style croutins

4. lots of parmesean cheese grated

with a simple dressing of olive oil, balsamic and a squirt of Ranch dressing, salt n pepper.

I bought a 2012 bath cleansing to do and since it was a full moon I stumbled upon doing it tonight... i have that kind of magic in my life.
So, first full moon of 2012 I did a deliscious bath w different pouperri like leaved and nuts and things... it was almost a little cinammomy.

After I experienced all that i decided to vacuum my patio at 9:30-10pm at night LOL (sorry neighbor!) it had like pigeon leaves! so it was apparently internally bothering me.

When I was instantly done with that i realized once i went back inside that my hand was BURNING THE FUCK OUT OF ME! I thought it was poison ivy! -This was after my "2012 cleanse" i just did LOL... Paul was so worried he thought a spider bit me but I just couldnt figure out what could have happened? could I of gotten electrocuted? was my hand shocked and electrified it felt like poison ivy!!! wtf!!!! so then i looked really closely and noticed it was full of little hairlike splinters! it was from when the cactus fell from the table meanwhile I vacuumed outside and i automatically thought! see thats why guys r supposed to do the "outdoor stuff"!! LOL haha. jk. weLL you know! getting splinters is for boys! this was super Ouch!! I had to take each one out with Tweezers! yes this is real... this all happened to me tonight after going to Little Tokyo in LA and seeing Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale get followed around as they shopped after having Japanese for lunch at a place and then crossing the street to shop at Pop Killer!

I'm not mad but I have to work really early tomorrow and style these two girls for a jeans campaign in Malibu... i need to use my hands and my right one feels like its burning still but I have to just ignore it and suck it up LOL

So here I am eating a delicious salad with my left hand... I gave u guys the recipe to and about to tie both my arms full of friendship bracelets!... I bought them today 12 for 4$ where I bought the cleansing bath and where they sell volcano rocks to insert into your vagina that make the muscles in there stronger LOL or something LOL and they even have packets of crushed real gold and red salt etc. its like for spells or something... downtown LA rocks.


wish me luck for tomorrow!


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Friday, January 6, 2012


Dearest Citizens of TAMBONATION :)
I have been having some issues with my phone, where I usually blog from a lot, not able to upload my pics from phone. My dog chewed up my laptop charger and I still do have my desktop but that's when I am not in the heat of the moment in need of blogging anywhere else :)

Besides needing a serious re-vamp on this blog I am thinking of starting a new separate yet connected site with my fashion forecasting.

Lots planned for 2012 and so excited to share and organize all of my crazy talents so you can find what your interested better.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've been xtra sensitive, xtra busy and like it never ends and this movie is way so crazy omg. I need to charge my iPad and my old posts are missing pictures. I was going to drink some red wine but I chose coffee instead as if that's any better... Tried to get to my cousins show, they are two chicks in a band called 'skyline pigeons' I couldnt get there in time but.... PAUSE... actually Paz is texting be continued...

My latest writing...