Saturday, January 21, 2012

Garbanzo quinoa indian style

one cup of quinoa that u fry w a table or two spoonfulls of olive or vegetable oil w nuts like almonds no skin and cut but this time i opted for sesame seeds to be daring

add one and half cups of water after its golden.

one vegetable bullion

one little carton of raisin snacks

cut the tofu into chunks and stir

wait 10 mins water absobs on simmer and closed.

one table spoon of chopped or minced garlic, tyme, bay leaf if possible, some ginger, maybe chopped olives

spicy sauce, more soy sauce for flavor if desired.

one can of garbanzo beans

mix on med heat all the spices and 'banzos.

serve will still be a good cold snack

excellent flavor, source of fiber, healthy lightweight snack anytime great with hummus and toasted pita

have fun w it, make it your own! share!



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