Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I heard about the solar flares... I heard Obamas Tweets and I believe we pretty much all mean well... Sometimes more for ourselves, that's the problem. I say hi to someone I admire and might not have much to say bc I'm waiting for them to tell ME something and then they don't n gotta go all quick and talk to somebody else who they can benefit from. LOL. they r a bunch of assholes out there lol, no doubt... I look at things, I try to stay positive, I try to beat the DRAGON instead of be the dragon... The Dragon is just a big stupid fictional animal TO BEAT anyway! Wtf is a Dragon doing here!???!??? Hello no dragons allowed. Baby dragons r on their way w some sharp tongues I heard and I have two or 3 babies just born in my own hallway! Prob no more than 10 apts each floor here so 3/10 new baby dragons :)
I'm a RAT.
I rat u out if u deserve it u might be thinking but it's more like a super hardworking survivor...
I bet u never thought that of me.
I'm interested in everyone and what animal they are and what that means bc I think being a rat is just as embarrassing as being a pig or a boar or a hen or a cock!
And who would ever wana be a snake?
Well, who would ever wana be a rat ESP when u know their is a snake around Lol.
I'm rambling
So yea some solar flares r supposed to hit the Earth tomorrow and today during work I heard planes couldn't land correctly and that the Internet was down etc.
I just wish we had more hours in a day.
The nights go by too fast I don't sleep enough and the days r nothing! An hour is like what 20mins was to me 10 yrs ago.
I'm trying to think what else...
I dont want to talk or sound superficial but it's perhaps the most fun thing to talk about...
Bubble Tea came to mind
I'm really into it and Tom I have to be at wrk at 7:30am idk how but HOWEVER & no tea avail @ that time!
1:41am now (LA)
This week has to be banged out amazing bc I have to book MAGIC and Vegas in Feb and that happens to land on my bday and Valentines Day.
I have to do something cute for Paul but I've been helping him out when he needs it and we need so many things since we have started out over here together and it's been TOUGH!!! everybody is like a sales person so they try to get a deal and we r in re middle of growing, our careers r just about to bloom and can take on so many directions! Paul is an angel bc he's been helping everyone while being out here thus far and not working on himself, his music, his creativity, his writing, poetry, ideas, MUSIC is his passion. I don't blame anybody else but himself but he's been trying to juggle a real life of paying rent and bills and working when he had a life of music when he was young and signed and getting better royalties etc to eat pay live and I'm not sure but def getting by...
I'm happy cuz my stuff is styling and it just so happens to be going and picking up and landing on my lap a bit more than #music of course (to me that industry doesn't even exist :( )
I need to save cash, I need to be on my own and happy financially and I'm getting there but when I have a guy w me that's needing help every now and then to keep up then I never end up saving, do I? No. I am sorta done w that wo even having told him yet... He's fucking sleeping right next to me!!! ...
I want to go to MAGIC in Vegas but that's work that lands on my bday!
I really want to go to Hawaii and I really want to go to Burning Man this year again w Paul and I hope he doesn't do the same thing as last year to me :(
I will be so done omg!
He made me go alone!!! & I did!!!!
Not cool.
I want to do so many things...
Not that many actually..
Just really focused things..
I want my own place and that's my DREAM PROJECT for this year.

Happy New Year of the Dragon!


May all ur wishes come true!


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