Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Recipe... cacus splinters & a 2012 despojo!

1. a can of garbanzo beans

2.lots of greens... i used Romaine and chredded carrot mix w even a package of Spinach that were both on sale for 2 for 4$

3. toasty italian style croutins

4. lots of parmesean cheese grated

with a simple dressing of olive oil, balsamic and a squirt of Ranch dressing, salt n pepper.

I bought a 2012 bath cleansing to do and since it was a full moon I stumbled upon doing it tonight... i have that kind of magic in my life.
So, first full moon of 2012 I did a deliscious bath w different pouperri like leaved and nuts and things... it was almost a little cinammomy.

After I experienced all that i decided to vacuum my patio at 9:30-10pm at night LOL (sorry neighbor!) it had like pigeon leaves! so it was apparently internally bothering me.

When I was instantly done with that i realized once i went back inside that my hand was BURNING THE FUCK OUT OF ME! I thought it was poison ivy! -This was after my "2012 cleanse" i just did LOL... Paul was so worried he thought a spider bit me but I just couldnt figure out what could have happened? could I of gotten electrocuted? was my hand shocked and electrified it felt like poison ivy!!! wtf!!!! so then i looked really closely and noticed it was full of little hairlike splinters! it was from when the cactus fell from the table meanwhile I vacuumed outside and i automatically thought! see thats why guys r supposed to do the "outdoor stuff"!! LOL haha. jk. weLL you know! getting splinters is for boys! this was super Ouch!! I had to take each one out with Tweezers! yes this is real... this all happened to me tonight after going to Little Tokyo in LA and seeing Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale get followed around as they shopped after having Japanese for lunch at a place and then crossing the street to shop at Pop Killer!

I'm not mad but I have to work really early tomorrow and style these two girls for a jeans campaign in Malibu... i need to use my hands and my right one feels like its burning still but I have to just ignore it and suck it up LOL

So here I am eating a delicious salad with my left hand... I gave u guys the recipe to and about to tie both my arms full of friendship bracelets!... I bought them today 12 for 4$ where I bought the cleansing bath and where they sell volcano rocks to insert into your vagina that make the muscles in there stronger LOL or something LOL and they even have packets of crushed real gold and red salt etc. its like for spells or something... downtown LA rocks.


wish me luck for tomorrow!

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