Friday, July 31, 2009

Leigh Bowery...

(Three pics after the first image are not Leigh Bowery but inspired by him... the rest are him)

The movie at OHWOW last night was "The Legend of Leigh Bowery" an incredibly inspired persona of the 80s. He created these lavish costumes that were completely out of this world and didnt make any sense to shock people. He was a performance artist/costume designer in London who only liked to design for himself and his performance art acts. I think he is a true inspiration! He saw the bore in people and through this frustration was where he decided to take things to another level of spontanaety! His creations are marvelously wacky and extreme and I want to pay tribute to him! He also posed nude for Lucien Freud. Thank you Leigh! I love you! 
From the images selected I have included a few that are inspirations from him and not the real Leigh Bowery himself...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dash Snow passes...

Artist Dash Snow died July 13 of a supposed heroin overdose, found in a hotel room in lower east side nyc with three used syringes and 13 empty glassine envelopes of heroin. Looks to me like an attempt at suicide. Im familiar with his work mainly due to the OHWOW books I own filled with his debaucherous photographs of the underground world of reality. Such as a never forgiving pic of a white man snorting cocaine off a black mans dick LOL. He is a relative of the Menils, a French-Texan family with a lavish art collection also related to actress Uma Thurman. The night he took his life he was quoted saying "Goodbye. I love you. I'll see you in another world." to his girlfriend and mother of daughter Secret, Jade Berreau. A tragic thing to have happened we now can only see it as a sort of closure to his end. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Masks n things...

This website has incredible things! I love the masks, they are made by a girl who works with leather. I think they are super cool costume pieces.
Plenty more on the site!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cool. I like them. With names like Fluffy Pop and Bumble Grump how could you go wrong? Wish I was at their Vegas Bounce house... seems like a wonderland in and of itself! The characters are so cute I wana eat 'em!


Ice Hotel and book...
This seems like a dope book. A bunch of artists collaborated to make this work of art about the ICE HOTEL in Jukkasjarvi Sweden. I would absolutely love to experience this. I cant even imagine what it would be like and you must get some amaaazing pictures! The hotel looks like a freakin palace made of ice! absolutely incredible. Long underwear arent the sexiest thing on earth but I would toally do it as a honey moon thing even though beaches and bikinis are ususally the way to go. Somebody please take me!!!!! haha. no seriously.
For now I'll take the book I guess.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Movie schedule...

Here is the movie schedule for the OH gallery...
Last night I saw "captured" and it was a documentary style movie about the Lower East Side NYC. I thought it was really fascinating since I used to live in one of those beautiful new apartments on the gentrified Bowery. An area nobody would have ever thought would turn into having million dollar apts. It used to be dangerous and full of drugs and bums, and still improving! They now have The New Museum down there! The film spoke about Thomkins Square Park and the riots caused between the people living there and the NYPD. All through the eyes of photographer Clayton Patterson. Check out the following movies and come by for some free beer and popcorn!
And make sure to say hello to me! Tammy.

Chloe fashion show...

Chloe fashion show for swim week Miami. I was invited by Alie a really cool girl who works for Chloe in Bal Harbour I just met her July 4th at a party on a boat. Unfortunately, I was late but at least I got to take a picure with the beautiful LOVE CHLOE sign they had as the backdrop at "The Grove" in the new W Hotel Miami. Here is a picture of the fabulous lobby as well. Not to get confused with the actual Grove area in south Miami area. The hotel is on South Beach. Thank you Alie next time I will be on time! 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i want...

I want these With Hearts in my Eyes lace flare pants!

Anna Della Russo...

Everyone is going bananas over Anna Della Russo. 
Check her out in this stunning outfit at the Lanvin fashion show in Paris. Its pretty impressive for 9am!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just got back from the KREL fashion show which was last night... it was pretty amazing! I met the actual designer when I went to the AE gallery. Its the same people because it was the same DJ. Ive known about her stuff for ages now from driving around scaveging cool shops in Miami in case I wanted to continue working as a stylist like I did in nyc but bacuse I didnt end up wanting to go back to that I lost a lot of contacts, or 'to be' contacts in that process. I took a different route,
I decided to go to art school instead. But I  still LOVE FASHION. 
Her stuff is all knitwear and for this collection she had the models come out holding black lights in a HAMMAN! yes, we were all sweaty and bathing suit clad inside of a spa! You can see from the pictures. The pieces looked amazingly lit up by all the glow in the dark pieces the there wearing and threads in the fabric. Here are some pictures!
She also has a shop in the Standard Hotel Miami. Look on the website for more details.