Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3d printer and storage floors...

do people really care about what im doing? like more than what they do? lol no. but hey! could it possibly bee? think of crazy stuff for fun! ppl who serve, serving in life, nothing away, its not in the chart, not fair to be treated, cuz human is far off like when we axed heads off from those poor victims in limelight! Now fashionable admittance those holes in the wood, like shelving/ displays or cubby like shapes of wishes, if they were built in the wall we could cover them up with the flat screens and art. how silly it sounds. or grounded, compartementalized, travel when not, but ready for earthquakes, like wavy flexy floorplans of thoughts. they move like the days, so that dresscode is made easy to hop around and find the right look for in a box ;) thats easy and could work. type in your birthday and options u chose arise from the deepths, u choose lol. then some things that u need are scattered in to sell easily online, like a reality, truly, life saver, also thoughts of while sitting in backseat ur window can become a screen saver... shopping from there. the settings u get to choose, settings, views. the escalator tile storage floor is pretty good though!! for 3d printing can make traveling easy less luggage just bring ur printer. what does it look like?
I have regrets, they r recent understandings of, well, lol, a few things! I apreciate beautiful women who hold it together and prepare things that are special like not so cost consciously correct but splurgy beautiful treaty surprises... I am not that woman but i love her very much. shes around. she didnt exactly sit in my class if she went to my school, she wouldnt wear anything in my closet, she doesnt step on cracks, she isnt as smart as i am, she is whiter than as white as she knows it! she doesnt date out of her area code unless its for the thrill, shes a dirtier blond than her hair title bleeds. as if chinese her feet such a perfect size cuz remember they suffered and tied they to squeeze what they have. its the color of knowing how many unamed. the slinky like bracelets that turn into sunglasses. or heels with storage compartments with mini qtips and who cares? polka dotted nonsence to throw ideas around but also cuz they must be made into them. train tracks have tracks and thats a cute thing too, cute little lies have sucked and ive been too loud.

more silent so, i,... we

I just almost lost my cool... well i got frustrated bc i have two email gmails and I go that... its like all to track us down and connect it... whoever is... admit to being a realization of what street art fights against i guess lol ;) i was having a great realization about aknowledging my adulthood and independance in a very kinder child hood way i just know how tamara vergara sounds good n all but its not me and its prob a great example of that girl we must belive couldnt possibly really, really? its like our names and passwords and its really everytime we log in. its a white page instead of a blank baby blue one... like the sky should look when we look up for an answer, or the stars on Hollywood blvd should resemble the drain and magnetic art work on the walls or dimming walls like a screen set like green screen is actually where we r. I believe we can create a synthetic down! why r we making stuff we know will expire? casette jumbos the size of pool lounge chairs make more sense than tights that break once worn... they r art, worth the xtra cost to last longer, life deserves a better good enough longer chance of wear to prove to yourself and then know that the other style is soooo also much needed in a pretty way not in a dork consumer its gona brake after one wear wayy! lol fashion ppl get w the techies asap duh or snooze w the leg warmers. Your such a fingerless glove when i think about it, like an old tshirt gone thru the dryer when it shouldnt have, its not camo uncandidly, a fake volumized bun or the nails that distract you from the palm lines, how bout thats the branding lines of a notebook... the cooking channel is still talking about certain ingrediants, they r soo outdated! come on, we run and shit. we run thru puddles and they could be of meals if i allowed myself to dream, a Hermes hamburger, Chanel shoelace, RL rash u temp tattoed it to cover it up, its like something Riri might do jk. Roll up in a Rolce Royce isnt cool enuf anymore lol its more about being with a new buddy to witness and talk shit about it, but just gor fun, to be creative. the keyboard cant get more silent so i gota go... i dont only think about myself, i love that i dont lol LOL I got 11 things at JETRAG last Sunday and I wish I could share it... more

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I think I found PARADISE!

a real life heaven... I have to check this place out for myself!!! Im just gona follow my yellow brick road... :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

blogging boing boing!

Lots of scary things going on in the world, I think we have to try to overcome this and not feel like we are already defeated like many of us are feeling. If you heard about the Boston bombs during the marathon, the Venezuelan riots currently due to the election, and the never ending situation in the middle east... Its pretty insane out there and somethings got to give! Why has it gotten and does it keep getting crazier and crazier... I think its because we are overdue for a change, the shift is amoung us. Im so emotional, you know, a song can make me cry, a cartoon for Gods' sake, I like this about me bc I guess I have a heart but taking some business classes in North Hollywood and the teacher said that to work in a big corporation you need "thick skin" you cant be emotional... I guess that puts me exactly where I want to be, I dont want to work for a huge corporation! I just wonder what will end up happening... how many more years we have left here on Earth as a race? Will my dreams come true? Will I have kids? Will I get married? WTF is going to happen!!? lol. I just moved out of DTLA and into West Hollywood area, I have been working out a lot, organizing my life, trying to be happy... since that is a recipe, u know... Set up to succeed I am really counting on myself THIS YEAR to push boundries by focusing and doing everything right the first time, no more foolish behavior! Either you choose to be the creator of your own life and dreams or you will just spend time picking up the pieces... and then you vibrate at a different level than some of your old friends and the people start dropping like flies out of your life... This life coach I spoke to today said that if you have a glass with some stale water in it and keep pouring in fresh water the water will never be clean and drinkable... so you have to toss out the old stale nasty water and then pour the clean water in from when its empty... meaning that you will be a little lonely and then the new things and people start coming into your life and thats the fresh start, the drinkable, interesting right? I am proud of myself except the other freakin day I crashed into the gate of my new bldg LOL, with almost two thousand dollars damage on my car and "$500 damage" to the gate... dealing with insurance and all that fun stuff :( Been dealing with a lost sample of my design that I sent to Colombia, LOST, creating a logo, ordering materials from China for something, PayPal, and I dyed my hair out of box. My hair is getting fixed by Aura Friedman tomorrow morning. Life still hits me hard but its about how you continue on I guess, my mother has been so annoying probably Menopause? no idea, almost unrecognizable! We really turn back into children, swear. I was reading also about the generations, the Baby Boomers (my mom) Generation X (Paul) and Generation Y (me) supposedly Im in the smartest generation where technology is a part of our lives, not seperate... I have Facebook, 2 Facebook Pages for TAMBONATION & BOL, Twitter 3 accounts TAMBONATION & TRACKINTRENDS & BallofLovethemovie, 2 Instagram accounts TAMBONATION & TRACKINTRENDS, a blog (this one), a website for &, Vine, GifBoom, Foursquare, 3 email accounts, and who knows what else! I dont have cable but think about how much time is spent on all of this? LOTS I forgot about Pinterest, LinkedIn... I dont use Tumblr but turns out thats a pretty cool one I wish I had spent more time on! Anyway just felt like writing :) xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Questionnaire... Answered. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Rules: Once you've been tagged, write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. (To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.) 1. I will always... LOVE YOU! Whitney Houston JK... I will always keep trying to improve. 2. I have this thing for... for whatever Im into at the moment and by that I mean looking for whats next, fashion trends, inspiration, art installations, new technology, TRACKINTRENDS. 3. My favorite color is... right now its an irridescent lavender with shiny green you find on those weird bugs. I also love transparent colors, so like a haze or shine over pretty much anything. 4. I have hundreds of amazing friends that... are yet to be found ;) 5. Everyone asks me... dumb questions. I like difficult ones but usually about myself or things I know about and to be taken seriously when I answer because I truly try to give my best answer bc I care. I want ppl to feel they can count on me for advice. 6. I sleep with... panties and a big soft tshirt... sometimes socks... I sleep with Roxy, my fluffy malte-poo too, she sleeps in like me when we can and if she wakes up before me she finds a puddle of sunshine in the living room to chill in... she's so my daughter :) 7. My... toes are improving after all those years of ballet, they are pretty fuckin cute actually! (with a pedicure) 8. I would love to... skydive but not sure I have the balls unless I go with all of you guys and jump out holding hands together!!!!! :D 9. I want a... beautiful life, I want to make ppl happy by having a store to channel my vision. 10. I would rather... take you guys to Burning Man with me than go alone again. 11. I love to... be me and figure out who that is, its a career in itself just doing me. 12. My real... everything is REAL. 13. On that account... I suffer from being myself too 14. I... think the world of us. 15. My... passion is die hard and I would love to think of ways to collaborate. 16. I am proud of who Ive become. 17. I think I am very very lucky. 18. Since I was a little girl Ive always had a bad habit, my first one had to do with my hands, I ceated a muscle in my palm in that pillow at the base of my thumb and to this day I still do weird shit similar to it like a strange nervous tick of some sort. I think I should have access to anxiety meds but never been prescribed while those who dont need to be ARE :P 19. I hate... lots of things but not forever, I always come to terms with them and they sometimes become my best friends... 20. I use the word hate way too loosely, I dont actually "hate" when I say I do. 21. I may come off as pessimistic on my blog, its because I like to write when Im sad or feel depressed, not usually when Im happy and ironically Im more happy than not but I sulk in my sadness like a fat kid loves cake! I'm growing out of it like an adrenaline rush in a marathon... growing up is AWESOME. 22. I want to... learn how to DJ, but without ever sucking LOL thats probably why it might not ever happen. 23. I have... way too much shit, Im like a fucking demented hoarder! Its all crap! LOL 24. I value... our friendship. 25. I will end up... learning so many things, going through so much and being so happy that it hurt so good. I wana become ZEN from it all. PS. Im drinking wine. PSS YOUR INVITED TO MY NEW PLACE IN LA... YOU HAVE A YEAR FROM NOW TO COME, ITS AMAZING, has a pool, balcony, amazing chillout, rooftop, hikes nearby and I will show you LA and you have a home to stay and enjoy. The invitation is open NOW for a YEAR... bc I dont know where I will be a year from now I have this apt in Hollywood now and I want you all to know its your home too. Plan a trip now! ;) Your friend, Tammy Contact 305-804-2012