Monday, April 15, 2013

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Lots of scary things going on in the world, I think we have to try to overcome this and not feel like we are already defeated like many of us are feeling. If you heard about the Boston bombs during the marathon, the Venezuelan riots currently due to the election, and the never ending situation in the middle east... Its pretty insane out there and somethings got to give! Why has it gotten and does it keep getting crazier and crazier... I think its because we are overdue for a change, the shift is amoung us. Im so emotional, you know, a song can make me cry, a cartoon for Gods' sake, I like this about me bc I guess I have a heart but taking some business classes in North Hollywood and the teacher said that to work in a big corporation you need "thick skin" you cant be emotional... I guess that puts me exactly where I want to be, I dont want to work for a huge corporation! I just wonder what will end up happening... how many more years we have left here on Earth as a race? Will my dreams come true? Will I have kids? Will I get married? WTF is going to happen!!? lol. I just moved out of DTLA and into West Hollywood area, I have been working out a lot, organizing my life, trying to be happy... since that is a recipe, u know... Set up to succeed I am really counting on myself THIS YEAR to push boundries by focusing and doing everything right the first time, no more foolish behavior! Either you choose to be the creator of your own life and dreams or you will just spend time picking up the pieces... and then you vibrate at a different level than some of your old friends and the people start dropping like flies out of your life... This life coach I spoke to today said that if you have a glass with some stale water in it and keep pouring in fresh water the water will never be clean and drinkable... so you have to toss out the old stale nasty water and then pour the clean water in from when its empty... meaning that you will be a little lonely and then the new things and people start coming into your life and thats the fresh start, the drinkable, interesting right? I am proud of myself except the other freakin day I crashed into the gate of my new bldg LOL, with almost two thousand dollars damage on my car and "$500 damage" to the gate... dealing with insurance and all that fun stuff :( Been dealing with a lost sample of my design that I sent to Colombia, LOST, creating a logo, ordering materials from China for something, PayPal, and I dyed my hair out of box. My hair is getting fixed by Aura Friedman tomorrow morning. Life still hits me hard but its about how you continue on I guess, my mother has been so annoying probably Menopause? no idea, almost unrecognizable! We really turn back into children, swear. I was reading also about the generations, the Baby Boomers (my mom) Generation X (Paul) and Generation Y (me) supposedly Im in the smartest generation where technology is a part of our lives, not seperate... I have Facebook, 2 Facebook Pages for TAMBONATION & BOL, Twitter 3 accounts TAMBONATION & TRACKINTRENDS & BallofLovethemovie, 2 Instagram accounts TAMBONATION & TRACKINTRENDS, a blog (this one), a website for &, Vine, GifBoom, Foursquare, 3 email accounts, and who knows what else! I dont have cable but think about how much time is spent on all of this? LOTS I forgot about Pinterest, LinkedIn... I dont use Tumblr but turns out thats a pretty cool one I wish I had spent more time on! Anyway just felt like writing :) xoxoxo

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