Wednesday, April 24, 2013

more silent so, i,... we

I just almost lost my cool... well i got frustrated bc i have two email gmails and I go that... its like all to track us down and connect it... whoever is... admit to being a realization of what street art fights against i guess lol ;) i was having a great realization about aknowledging my adulthood and independance in a very kinder child hood way i just know how tamara vergara sounds good n all but its not me and its prob a great example of that girl we must belive couldnt possibly really, really? its like our names and passwords and its really everytime we log in. its a white page instead of a blank baby blue one... like the sky should look when we look up for an answer, or the stars on Hollywood blvd should resemble the drain and magnetic art work on the walls or dimming walls like a screen set like green screen is actually where we r. I believe we can create a synthetic down! why r we making stuff we know will expire? casette jumbos the size of pool lounge chairs make more sense than tights that break once worn... they r art, worth the xtra cost to last longer, life deserves a better good enough longer chance of wear to prove to yourself and then know that the other style is soooo also much needed in a pretty way not in a dork consumer its gona brake after one wear wayy! lol fashion ppl get w the techies asap duh or snooze w the leg warmers. Your such a fingerless glove when i think about it, like an old tshirt gone thru the dryer when it shouldnt have, its not camo uncandidly, a fake volumized bun or the nails that distract you from the palm lines, how bout thats the branding lines of a notebook... the cooking channel is still talking about certain ingrediants, they r soo outdated! come on, we run and shit. we run thru puddles and they could be of meals if i allowed myself to dream, a Hermes hamburger, Chanel shoelace, RL rash u temp tattoed it to cover it up, its like something Riri might do jk. Roll up in a Rolce Royce isnt cool enuf anymore lol its more about being with a new buddy to witness and talk shit about it, but just gor fun, to be creative. the keyboard cant get more silent so i gota go... i dont only think about myself, i love that i dont lol LOL I got 11 things at JETRAG last Sunday and I wish I could share it... more

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