Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have regrets, they r recent understandings of, well, lol, a few things! I apreciate beautiful women who hold it together and prepare things that are special like not so cost consciously correct but splurgy beautiful treaty surprises... I am not that woman but i love her very much. shes around. she didnt exactly sit in my class if she went to my school, she wouldnt wear anything in my closet, she doesnt step on cracks, she isnt as smart as i am, she is whiter than as white as she knows it! she doesnt date out of her area code unless its for the thrill, shes a dirtier blond than her hair title bleeds. as if chinese her feet such a perfect size cuz remember they suffered and tied they to squeeze what they have. its the color of knowing how many unamed. the slinky like bracelets that turn into sunglasses. or heels with storage compartments with mini qtips and who cares? polka dotted nonsence to throw ideas around but also cuz they must be made into them. train tracks have tracks and thats a cute thing too, cute little lies have sucked and ive been too loud.

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