Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3d printer and storage floors...

do people really care about what im doing? like more than what they do? lol no. but hey! could it possibly bee? think of crazy stuff for fun! ppl who serve, serving in life, nothing away, its not in the chart, not fair to be treated, cuz human is far off like when we axed heads off from those poor victims in limelight! Now fashionable admittance those holes in the wood, like shelving/ displays or cubby like shapes of wishes, if they were built in the wall we could cover them up with the flat screens and art. how silly it sounds. or grounded, compartementalized, travel when not, but ready for earthquakes, like wavy flexy floorplans of thoughts. they move like the days, so that dresscode is made easy to hop around and find the right look for in a box ;) thats easy and could work. type in your birthday and options u chose arise from the deepths, u choose lol. then some things that u need are scattered in to sell easily online, like a reality, truly, life saver, also thoughts of while sitting in backseat ur window can become a screen saver... shopping from there. the settings u get to choose, settings, views. the escalator tile storage floor is pretty good though!! for 3d printing can make traveling easy less luggage just bring ur printer. what does it look like?

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