Friday, April 29, 2011

Waste Land movie... Vik Muniz...

WASTE LAND a movie about artist Vik Muniz in the largest landfill of garbage in the world in his home town of Brazil... I am so happy that this man did what he did and documented this to share with the world as well... it is extremely uplifting in a sense and made me cry and laugh. Please do yourself a huge favor and watch one of the most amazing documentaries about garbage, people, and their community and the transformation through art.

Bike Sunglasses!
My friend Greg had a pair of these sunglasses and I had to share since I love anything funny, fun and quirky like this! Here is a site to buy your own pair! why not! they r cheap and will make everybody smile!


and i will be his Mom but I dont believe YOU, so the day we can allllll really believe what we say to eachother is the day i will truly trust who calls me...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

idiotic, YES.

And like a constellation, your "lunarr" like a chocolate chip, edible, the most perfect place between your cheek and your nose, it balances with another one slightly lower and leaning more diagonal on the other side of your nose... it makes me feel safe, like the Mayflower indians and the bake sales at school and the gymnasts in the Olympics and the treasures Pirates talked about. I beliv=eved in RUBIES for the first time ever... I imagined myself in one... like infinite love and you got further and further until i forgot you and you were gone. I then saw yellow, golden light, and it turned blue then green and then it was bright white and i sunk into the ground like quichsand but instead it was doughey cake and i couldnt get my feet and hands off of it... and then like a previous nightmare i will never forget it became the stickiest sticker like so sticky its disgusting and waxy pulling your hair off when you try to get off it but it also attatches to you and it tsretches and your TRULY STUCK... and so you SINK! unfortunately u sink... into Taffy like texture and soon you wont be able to breathe... so you fight and you kick and you sprint those legs like running from the cops after you made a booboo maybe you knew too... anywhoo... dude! you take OFF!!!!! Running... you find a really cool thing... its not cotton candy, its not temporary at all, its really sturdy it tells you the time, even the year, its dec 21, 2012.. ok whatever you go back to be yourself,,, and feel more connected, more centered, more alive, eager, content, in harmony, in allowance, in coordination with, in justification with, in rotation with, in your head but only what is, is, is. Is what is. Is what we will know while ordering eggMcMuffins?? idk should i chose a side? no... why? idk>>>! bc why? they will use it against me in a court of law...and so .... forget it... just be a lost person... roaming???.... NO!... ok, so then what? idk! ok, so then what do u want to do?...idk,,,ok,sothen what do u like????nothing, who are u anyway?, nobody, who are u? nobody... but your retarded...omg but your saying that ur retarded retard so ur so dumb... yea i guess, just likeu... why do u say that? um cuz u just r... yeah but why? idk u just r... but ur annoying so why do u think that? i dont know i just DO! Yeahhhh butttttt whyyyyyyy???????? IIIII DDDDDDont KKKKKKnoWWWWWWWWWWWWW whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYY if i did i would tell uuuUUUUUUUUU.... im just a child... does that help??????????"? cuz if not! call my MOM! IDIOT!



Lykke Li, another song

They took this video to the next level...

To me it says a lot... the saddest ppl r pretending they are fine....


So, R u?


bc if u didnt, u suck.

I want a DOVE tattoo...

i have another picture but I just found this one... Dove of peace... dove flying beautiful bird, not a pigeon, not a woodpecker not a seagull but a dove... lots of gorgeous birds w lavish feathers and colors but i love the DOVE the whhite pure bird that symbolizes PEACE... bc i just do.

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Help a Haitian!

READ about these panties, they aren't your ordinary pair! Blurring the lines between fashion and saving the world... that's what it's really about! for only 24$!

A Gossip Girl...

‘Gossip Girl‘ actress Jessica Szohr has become the new face of Dove’s Ultimate Go Sleeveless deodorant.

I'm loving what shes wearing too!

Free People...

One of my fav fashion lines... the styling for this is SUPERB!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fishing for Thoughts...

You have so many different faces innocent, crazy, beautiful, lost, playful, smart, courageous, afraid, silly, dependable, graceful, spontaneous, naughty, loud, quiet too, observant, a painting face, sweet, and green eyes, and freckles, and polite, and teacher, and sexy, very sexy, and soft, so soft, clever, strong, super fun, flirtations, adventurous, yet simple, so many more words that you are, than your not, you ignite me, you drink too much, sometimes, and then you have a face that doesn’t rememeber anything that happened, that’s whats scary bc I know you’re a lady and I want everyone to see u as a lady like nobody to be messed with like the force like the wind something nobody can mess with somebody that can be respected. She lives in a microscopic word. Shes childlike but shes. Like a mother, care more about me than anything and it would be like a knowing of equal, giving and sacrifice and energizing moments energizing each other to like , your like fantasy come true, like a make believe girl, but it depends whos around hahahaha man bc it depends on that who she becomes. Like a camelion slightly, gently. Angelic, and omg where to begin, how do I begin with that, its like when you don’t have a can opener and you have to use a knife, its like inside there is a huge like kinda like this like when chemicals react and cause kinda like a sun. and theirs words there and they say like um, you cant read them, you feel them and so its its its very strong and then around that is like an astroid belt like Saturn, but its not Saturn, and those are all thoughts, of floating rocks that are thoughts, and the space inbetween the rocks that’s where the truth is, when my thoughts don’t get in the way, but don’t write this Tammy.

Lady Gaga again...

I love to sleep...

A Recycled purse!

check out this purse! its really cute! on sale! and has fringe! it makes me happy! :)


The way I live my life...

Earth Day is coming up!


So I say we should all make something out of nature and wear it on our head! Its FREE and chic!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 4/20!

Burning Man, high hopes...

I want to do this in Burning Man!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tammy's Southwestern Spicy Soulfood

Tammy's Southwestern Spicy Soulfood Dish!

Brown rice
Black beans
With A fake chicken patty chopped
In a
Chipotle corn can
Tropical sazon

My top Coachella picks...

Lots of jean shorts! Lots of hats! I prefered the simple sandal to the boot this year... and the simpler the better... Im not digging the color block stuff at all yet. I loved the sheer, lace mixed with denim and leather accessories like a tougher belt, statement neclace or even purse. Loving the long legs the shown pockets on the shorts but also the long skirt or dress!